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Live Review..Everclear, Living Colour, Hoobastank & Wheatus Heats Up ‘The Plant’ In Dothan AL On 2021 Summerland Tour!

On a hot steaming day in Dothan Alabama on July 24… it was about to heat up even more with the likes of four of best 90’s bands Everclear Living Colour, Hoobastank & Wheatus on The Summerland Tour.. Kicking off this July, the tour will make its way through cities such as Atlantic City, Houston, Cincinnati and Fort Wayne, to name a few, and will eventually extend through September and early October.

Created in 2012 by Everclear frontman, Art Alexakis, the Summerland Tour has become a summer tour favorite of fans and critics alike, with Rolling Stone naming it one of the “10 Hottest Summer Package Tours.

But this night it was all about the stop at The Plant, a really cool venue that was at one time a coca cola plant in 1906. and converted into an open air music venue. It had a that you wanted in a venue. A bar, chill room and lounging are and places to get out of the weather if you want or need to. I would highly recommend attending a show there if you ever get a chance.

It was a hot day on a Saturday night for the show, and people started lining up to get in as soon as 5pm for a show that was going to bring back a lot of memories for many older fans, and some great old rock music for the younger fans. As The Plant filled up with fan and trying to escape the heat you can fell the buzz in the air, and you can see the people were ready to get the party started with some memerable song that everyone can sing along too.

First up was Wheatus, a band that is most known for the song “Teenage Dirtbag” and a few more. The band can out on stage to a huge cheer and started of their seven song set with “Break It Don’t Buy It” with the crowd moving and dancing around. The place was really getting into the band though out their set, but once they played “Teenage Dirtbag” the crowd was heated up and ready to rock the night away with Hoobastank coming up next.

The boy of Hoobastank hit the stage rocking out to “Pieces” and this really got the fans really with the high energy of this song….It was just going to get better from here on out with hits like “Running Away” that got the crowd singing loud and proud back to the band..Speaking of the band…they sounded fantastic and didnt sound any different then the back in the 9o’s and 2000’s..They finished out their 9 song set with “Same Direction” and ending with “Crawling In The Dark” as the crowd was really enjoying all the hits for the past they remember word for word!

Living Colour is a band that everyone know if you grew up in the 90’s and still know all their songs, Glover and the band hit the stage running and didn’t slow down on bit to the excitement of a few thousand fans. They started out with “Type“, which is not a real popular song but was a present surprise to hear. “Ignorance is Bliss” is one funky drivin song that got people head bobbing and moving to the beat and some dancing in place…It is a really killer song. The band have many hits but some will say that their final song is one of their biggest….”The Cult Of Personality” and just may be the song that put them on the map as a band that will live on forever!!

Head liners and the band that really needs no introduction was Everclear, Everclear has been around making hit since early 1991 when  Art Alexakis formed the band in Portland Oregon. Art and the guy came out and blew the crowd away song after song, they start out great classic Everclear songs like “Everything To Everyone” and “Father Of Mine” that had the place rocking out and fist pumping! Everclear just just puts out stuff that grabs you and never lets “Wonderful” which is a real crowd favorite. The band was on point the whole night and put on one hell of a show. I would highly recommend this show if it comes to your town.

There are a few shows left..but more are coming!!! so keep an eye out

July 30, 2021 – Huntsville, AL – Von Braun Center Back Lot
July 31, 2021 – Murfreesboro, TN – Hop Springs
September 25, 2021 – Omaha, NE – Barnato on the Block Festival

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