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Ignite Music Magazine Interview With John Logan Parsons III of Immerser!..

Immerser is a dynamic, hard rock, solo project featuring the powerful music of John Logan Parsons III. The goal of the Immerser project is to bring meaning to a melody. As an artist John L Parsons III isn’t afraid to explore the deepest parts of the subconscious. Immerser songs deal with some of life’s darkest places, yet there is always an energetic undercurrent of optimism, spirituality, and love running throughout. The result is a passionate mix of alternative, pop, grunge, and metal. Immerser is music that a listener can connect with and find deeper meaning in. With the recent enlistment of world renowned producer Kane Churko who has worked with some of today’s biggest artists including – In This Moment, Gemini Syndrome and Violent Idols, Immerser is certainly a musical force to be reckoned with. Immerse yourself and transmute!

Interview below with John Logan Parsons III below…

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  1. Tell us a little bit about the yourself and how long you’ve have been doing the solo project Immerser?

I’ve been performing in bands for 30 years. I’ve written and released numerous musical projects, most notably four albums with the band Deilusia and now my solo project IMMERSER. I started the solo project Immerser about four years ago. I had just moved to Colorado from California and had tons of song ideas I wanted to record and release. I didn’t have a band at the time so I figured I could go it alone as a solo artist. That’s how Immerser came about! I’ve always been the main songwriter with the bands I’ve formed over the years, so it was a natural transition to start releasing solo stuff. I play Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, and I sing so that’s also helpful in a one-man band situation!

  1. What is new with the band? New Album out? New Videos?

I just released a new IMMERSER single called TRANSMUTE. I am really excited about this song and I know people are going to love it! I had the opportunity to work with the producer Kane Churko on Transmute so that was an awesome experience. The video is great too, it’s been getting a lot of traction and views so I’m happy about That.

  1. With all this madness going on with the virus…What do you think the music scene will be like in the future…and how are you prepared to make your music heard if there will not be any concerts or festivals for the year of 2021? 

I think things are turning around with the pandemic, you can’t stop music and you certainly can’t stop people from wanting the live music experience. I have a feeling there will be more people attending live shows again. I don’t worry much about people hearing or not hearing my music you know? I just do it. I am a musician it’s like breathing. 

I am hoping the music scene becomes more collaborative in the coming years especially in the Hard Rock genre, more artists helping each other out and creating a scene rather than every man or woman for themselves kind of attitude. 

  1. What got you into music and what is your earliest memory of when you told yourself…” THIS IS WHAT I WANT”?

My father was an artist and musician its in my blood! He died when I was four years old and that had a huge impact on me. I think picking up the guitar at such a young age was my way of maintaining some kind of relationship with him even though he had passed away. I had that “This is what I want to do” moment in first grade, I think. I was at a friends house and we were heading out to the park to play, we borrowed his older brother’s tape player to listen to at the park, we pressed play not knowing what tape was in the boombox and out came the opening riff to DR.Feelgood by Motley Crue! that was my first experience with heavy rock music and it changed my life forever!!!

  1. Who was your first concert and what is your best memory?

I think my very first concert was either Bryan Adams or the Storm. I was young at the time so its hard to remember. My Aunt is really into rock music and she used to take me to concerts all the time when I was a kid. Seeing so many concerts helped shape my musical endeavors. I owe her a lot for that. My Mother also used to take me to a lot of musicals when I was young and that impacted me as well.  I’ve seen so many shows its hard to keep track. I don’t think I could choose one favorite concert memory so here’s my top three. David Bowie (Reality tour), Prince (Opening night of his club in Vegas), and probably the first time I saw Metallica.

  1. If you didn’t become a musician, what would you be doing right now?

I have no idea, Not being a musician is something I can’t imagine!

  1. On a scale of 1 to 2593, How good is your newest single compared to your last single? (my attempt at humor, but please still answer)

I love all the music I have created over the years so I can’t say one is better than the other, however I really dig the new IMMERSER single Transmute. Its kind of a new direction for me as far as song writing goes so it’s exciting.

  1. What do you feel is the best song you have released to date and why?

I don’t think I have a “best” song. That would be like trying to pick a favorite child or something. I think that Transmute is the most commercially viable song I’ve ever done. Its super catchy! I LOVE IT.

  1. Do you think you can get any better as a musician/singer? And if so, how would you achieve that?

I am always growing as a musician and I don’t think that will ever change. I like a good challenge especially on the guitar. I mean I’ve been playing the guitar since the age of eight and been performing since the age of ten. Its always refreshing to learn something new especially when it is different or tough to play. When you’ve been playing that long things can get a little monotonous, so a good challenge is welcomed. I remember when playing the guitar was new to me and everything was a challenge. I used to lock my bedroom door and not come out until I had whole albums memorized on the guitar. I could play the entire album Kill Em All by Metallica start to finish by the age of eleven or twelve. Those were the days!

  1. If you could give your fans one random fact about you that you think they should (or should “not” know) about you what would that be?

I’m fascinated by the occult and western esoteric traditions. Everything from Freemasonry to the Knights Templar, Alchemy, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, all things spiritual really inspire me.

  1. You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

I would be a clear crayon, because I wear my heart on my sleeve, I have nothing to hide!

  1. Who are you inspired by?

I am inspired by so many musicians. When it comes to guitar players, I would say Dimebag Darrell, Kurt Cobain, James Hetfield and Eric Johnson would be my favorites. As far as vocalists are concerned Layne Staley, Phil Anselmo, Maria Brink.

  1. What’s an average day like one tour? and what about these days?


  1. Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans?

I am always happy to hear from fans. I love getting messages on social media and getting to know the people who are listening to Immerser. It’s an awesome experience to connect with people in a genuine way.

  1. Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

I used to wear a baseball hat with the brim down covering my eyes for the first two songs when I would play live. That was my way of dealing with the crowd staring at me. I tend to have nervous energy anyway so anxiety before a show is kind of cozy!

  1. Tell me about your favorite performance venues?

Probably a venue called the Pound in San Francisco. Its no longer around but I’ve seen so many great metal shows there, it was a real small club so the energy was incredible.

  1. What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Never be afraid to shine!

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