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Grace Was Amazing. Intimate, Vulnerable, Authentic, Strong!!! @ St. Augustine Amphitheatre On Her “Solo Tour” 2021

Grammy Nominated Singer-Songwriter Grace Potter Takes The Stage at The St. Augustine Amphitheatre “Solo Tour 2021”

Grace Potter @ St. Augustine Amphitheatre

Grace Potter took her 2021 “Solo Tour” to the St. Augustine Amphitheatre on a pleasant Friday night in Florida on April 23. As you walked into The Amp, you can tell that something was a little different, and the difference was the limit capacity they are having at the venue, with social distancing and wear mask and the fan health was and is a huge priority, but that did not hamper the energy of the crowd or Grace what-so-ever. It was actually nice to not have to fight the crowds, and Grace noted she was able to hear the crowd yell out requests for her, which was a nice change for her.

The fans gracefully waited for notably one of the best female singer in rock and in the business to take the stage. The stage was set up with a few of Grace’s favorite acoustic, as well as her icon flying V guitars she shreded on through out the night. She was to take the stage at 8pm shape, but she was a little late to the stage, which I didn’t think her fans cared. Once she did take the stage, She walks out in a flowing light sun dress that she looked amazing in and welcomed the crowd and the crowd did that same.

Grace started the show with a little “Medicine” for the crowd to help the feel better about being at live show and hearing live music..For some for the first time in over a year. This brought the fan to their feet and giving Grace all the love they could. The night with filled with Grace originals, Grace And The Nocturnals and covers for other artist like Bob Dylan ” Tonight I Will Be Stay Here With You”, “Cant Find My Way Home” from Blind Faith and a blistering cover of “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes. She also played some fan favs like “Low Road” , ” Stop the Bus” and “Stars“. She left the stage to a hear numbing applause from the crowd and cheers of wanting more!!!..And it worked, with her coming out with a few encores that started with a story of her and a flight attendant that graces the same name as her and she thought how cursed the young lady was, but I’m sure she was joking…but then grace said the lady loved Jon Jett and played “I Love Rock n Roll” to have huge applause. Grace ended the night with a screaming rendition of “Paris ( Oh LA LA)” that had the place going crazy and wanting more again.

The whole set was just what ever she felt like playing or what fans wanted to hear by yelling out requests, she even kidded about people yelling out songs she had already played. She would even give a few bars of some of the songs her husbands, how is a famous music producer. He even came out with Graces’ coaching and gave her a big smooch that she blushed and smiled the biggest smile I have ever seen., I take it she happily married.. SORRY FELLAS !!..HAHA

Grace really knows how to keep the energy flowing throughout the night with interactions with the crowd and telling stories and just being Grace. You can tell she is just happy to be on stage and doing what she loves to do, and doing it with a small family crew is something she may want to do again I have a feeling.?

Grace oscillates From Her Wispy, Wailing Vibrato to a Rocking, Shirt-Shaking, Arena-Filling Voice That Takes You With Her Wherever She Goes.

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