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Album Review~ Hands Like Houses EP Out Now!!!

By: Morgan Bates

While there is a great deal of uncertainty in today’s “new normal” one thing remains certain, there are of changes happening all around us. For example, Hands Like Houses new self-titled EP reveals a shift in the new direction of their individual sound. Their transformation is evidence of strength in the vulnerability it takes to try something new, and proves that changing things up to do what you are passionate about is not a compromise. And after you listen to amazing tracks like Space, Dangerous, and The Water, you will absolutely agree.

The first steps in this new direction are playful and hooky tunes like “The Water” and “Dangerous.” Both with more of an alternative pop rock vibe but, nevertheless lyrically deep in true HLH fashion. Though newer and slightly different sounding, these tracks are a step forward while still reminding us of how far HLH has come over the past 10+ years. “The Water” in some ways comes off as more of a mature version of their previous hit “Introduced Species” while “Dangerous” is very much a Déjà vu moment. It’s not hard to see why this year’s AFL Finals promotions feature the new energizing and catchy track. It was only 2 years ago that “Monster” was being used for the NRL Finals advertising.

 Even though we get “the feels” throughout the entire EP, “Stranger,” “Wired,” and my personal favorite “Space” are where the deep themes and lyrics come into play. “Space” portrays the emotional “walls caving in” when you just need a second to breathe while enduring all that life throws at you. (Also, an honorable mention is that video! I love that they included sign language both in the video and on the images for the tracks on the EP. But, I digress.)Stranger” speaks to the outcast in all of us and “Wired” may be the song that we all relate a little too much to in the wash out year that has been 2020 so far with lyrics of complex and sometimes overwhelming feelings.

I can say with true certainty, I really love the direction that Hands Like Houses is taking us. Creating music, we can all lose ourselves in as we question and go through our own personal emotional journeys in love, life, and what feels like the pandemic of the century. Bringing us music that touches us because it expresses all that one feels without limitations or judgment. Proving once again that opening our ears, minds, and hearts up to new and exciting experiences will set us on a path we may have never found ourselves on before. How will Hands Like Houses inspire you to transform and evolve?

Hands Like Houses EP out NOW!  


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