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Badflower rocked Club L.A

Badflower rocked Club L.A

Badflower came to Destin FL on their “I’m So Sick” tour on January 30, 2020 at Club L.A. They played to a sold out show, at capacity of 600 people. There were no bad spots at the standing room only (for the night) venue. 

Badflower rocked Club L.A. for roughly an hour and a half. The crowd was a sea of bodies all singing along word for word and rocking in unison. Josh’s connection with his fans is palpable, he made and held eye contact deep into the crowd. He even crowd surfed while singing. The groups stage presence was like a wrecking ball! Josh brought his stage crew out to thank them for a job well done and let them know next tour was going to be more massive than what they were used to on this tour. He then joked about the group getting ready to head back stage to take “ridiculous” selfies while the crowd chanted “ENCORE” as loud as they possibly could. They came back out to sing their last song “Promise Me”, a hauntingly beautiful ending to a full scale high energy show. 

Dead Sara opened up for Badflower and did an epic job getting the crowd worked up for the headliners. After Dead Sara and the set changes, the lights went out and the crowd went wild.

Next stop on this leg of their tour after Destin Fl, is New Orleans to board the cruise ship Carnival Valor, and the Shiprocked 2020 cruise, where they intend to melt the faces off of almost 3,000 passengers.

Photos & review by Katie Urr

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