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Live Review~ Beartooth & Motionless In White on Diseased & Disguised Tour @ The Elevation Michigan

Beartooth & Motionless In White Diseased & Dusguised Tour @ The Elevation!!

This past weekend, despite the winter weather advisory, I went to The Elevation in Grand Rapids two hours away, to see Beartooth and Motionless In White perform on their Diseased & Disguised Tour. For my first time seeing Beartooth I must say I was not disappointed. Vocalists and Fronts man Caleb Shomo’s energy and personality on stage captivated me and the rest of the crowd non-stop for their entire hour long set. Their performance included singles old and new, including songs such as Beaten in lips, The Lines, Bad Listener. Disease, Aggressive, and In Between to close their set. 

I have listened to Beartooth since 2014 when they released their Debut LP. Ironically this past weekend was the first time I had seen them live. I remember back when I lived in Nashville for college, when I was just starting to photograph concerts, they played a house show at Exponent Manor. It was a 10×10 foot room and everyone would pack in there like sardines, I had finals to study for. However, it has been amazing to see them build their way up and now play sold out shows to thousands of people every other night. 

I have always appreciated and loved their music and the messages Shomo conveys through Beartooth. If this tour is coming your way, make plans to go if it isn’t already sold out. If you enjoy their music, you will love seeing them live even more. They do not disappoint. 

Moving forward, forward Motionless in White definitely does not disappoint either. This was my first time seeing them live in concert as well. The biggest difference I saw in their performance compared to Beartooth was how theatrical they were. Their stage props included a couple mock 55-gallon metal barrels with lights, and fog machines in them meant to give the effect that there was a fire burning inside. Other props included big metal industrial fans, and even a skull microphone stand for Chris. The drums were on a riser, leading up to them were metal stair cases on each side of the drums. When their set was about to begin the lights turned off and all you could see were the barrels with the fire inside, Chris was the first to walk out from behind stage and their set began. 

Overall it was a great night with fantastic music, I would highly recommend getting your ticket if you haven’t already, before there are none left.

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