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Sevendust go unplugged at the House of Blues for their AcousticXmas Show.

Sevendust go unplugged at the House of Blues for their AcousticXmas Show.

Just a few day before the new year and the new decade Sevendust came back to Orlando to the House Of Blues to play to a sold out crowd. This wasn’t going to be your ordinary Sevendust show, that is not their style to end the touring cycle and the new year…and the decade!!! They have to go winging for the fences. How do you do that you say?…They go unplugged! and they bring along some special guest with them as well

Sevendust Acousticxmas show in Orlando was just one of the three acoustic show that hit Georgia and Florida at the end of 2019. Even opener Stitched Up Heart and Deepfall unplugged the instruments to take a break for the headbanging and screaming guitars to sit down and show the fans an acoustic show for the ages.

Sevendust hit the stage with the crowd being warmed up by the openers. The energy in the room was electric even though it as been a all acoustic show. Fans were energized to see what some will call a hometown show for 7D. The stage was set for an acoustic set to remember. The guys come out to a huge applause and there may have been so huge chanting for Morgan Rose..The drummer who was recently side lined for a short time for a medical problem the cut their European tour short…Like in sevendust style..they never quit! and everyone appreciated Morgan being back behind the kit for this special night!

The guys went straight into “Trust” a huge fan favorite and made a fantastic mix of old and new songs. They even broke out a Nine Inch Nail cover the had the sold out crowd singing at the top of their longs..It was epic!! they even got into the Christmas spirit with a song called “xmas day“, which was pretty fitting for the night. The night ended with “Angel’ Son” with is one of the bands more famous song they have done and they ended the incredible night with “Black“. The band even broke into “Rumble Fish“, that was an audience request yelled from the crowd. Lajon stated that it may not work acoustically, but they started it off and ended up throwing it down like only sevendust could acoustically…Hard and Heavy!!!

The openers Stitched Up Heart and Deepfall even threw down acoustically and both did a great job. All in all the night was one special night for all!! Sevendust in one of those bands that can throw down unplugged and still be heavy as fuck!!! If you missed it…I am sorry for you!!!!

Sevendust Setlist House of Blues, Lake Buena Vista, FL, USA 2019, Acoustic  Xmas

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