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Live Review~ Steel Panther "Heavy Metal Rules" Tour hits Chicago House of Blues 12/8/19

Live Review~ Steel Panther "Heavy Metal Rules" Tour hits Chicago House of Blues 12/8/19

California’s greatest export and professional life coaches Steel Panther are celebrating the release of their new album the only way they know how; with a full-on sensory overload as only the Panther can. The band has released a video for the song “Fuck Everybody” from their latest release.

Steel Panther recently announced the Heavy Metal Rules Tourwhich kicks off in early October and runs through mid-December. Crobot and Stitched Up Heart have been added as openers with Crobot opening from October 8th to October 20th and Stitched Up Heart opening from November 24th to December 22nd. The 27-date trek will make stops in markets such as Orlando, FL; Boston, MA; New York, NY; Detroit, MI; and Chicago, IL to name a few.

Ignite was at the Chicago date on 12/8 & Alexandra had a few words to say about the show!

The crowd was ready for this show. There were so many people in their 80’s rocker outfits. Men with wigs on and bandannas, Women with bright makeup, All under the same roof for one reason; To watch Steel Panther rock their world.

Now I had no idea what to expect walking into the photo pit so watching the band come out and sing “Eyes of the Panther” and right then and there, I knew I was going to love this show. Now it’s not all about the music, after the second song “Let me Cum In”, the band took a break and just cracked jokes and talk with the fans!

The best part is, a fan bought their new record which just came out and the band passed it around and all signed it. While Michael Starr was talking with the crowd, Lexxi Foxx was just casually doing his makeup and I loved it, he even had a mirror with a picture of his face on it and name.

After that the band kept playing music and stopping here and there to talk to the crowd! I Would definitely say this is one of the best concerts I have seen in a long time. Steel Panther definitely knows how to rock from the outfits, the makeup, and just the music. After the 3rd song, I was leaving the pit and Michael Starr stopped me and gave me a handshake and told me good job which meant the world to me.

Overall, please check out Steel Panthers new Album “Heavy Metal Rules” and one of their shows because they are amazing live!

Heavy Metal Rules (

Review and photos By Alexandra Geshel

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