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Interview~ Get To know Jasmine Cain & The Releases Official Lyric Video for "Let it Go"!

Interview~ Get To know Jasmine Cain & The Releases Official Lyric Video for "Let it Go"!

Nashville based Alternative Pop / Rock artist JASMINE CAIN has released the official lyric video for “Let it Go.” The first single off of her upcoming, seventh studio album, SEVEN, “Let it Go” will be available to stream / download 10/25/2019 via The Label Group / INgrooves.

Multi-Award winning, Sturgis, SD, native, Jasmine Cain moved to Nashville in 2003 and went to work paving the way for female fronted rock in the motorcycle events industry. Jasmine covers everything from Classic and Modern Rock to revved up Pop and Metal. But that isn’t all she is known for. Jasmine has 6 studio albums of award winning original music with her 7th titled Seven slated for release in November 2019. Jasmine has won more than 30 awards for her music and performances including: JPF Female Artist of the Year, (MCMA) 4-time Female Rock Vocalist, and NIMA Artist of the Year and 2 time Alt-Rock band of the year to name a few. Her performances (over 120 shows in 2018) are professional, stadium quality, and high energy, keeping the audience’s attention from the first note until the last. Her songs are emotional and timeless, and her voice is strong and soul-filled, taking audiences on a supercharged ride.

Ignite had a chance ask Jasmine a few question we wanted to know about the band, about her, and what is new !..

  1. Tell us a little bit about the band and how long you have been together for some of our readers that may not know about the band?

The band is a power trio with Jordan Roepke on lead guitar and Philip Kelly on drums. I started this band back in 2003 and have always fronted the band, singing, and playing bass. I’ve been the songwriter or co-writer since the beginning of my career. The band is pretty much straight forward melodic rock and I am grateful for my extensive vocal range to be able to create super dynamic melodies. What you might not know about the band is that I was originally a country music singer…a yodeler actually, who had too much energy and made people uncomfortable. You also might not know that our drummer is 6’7” and looks like a giant version of Tommy Lee. Although this project has been running solid since 2003, the current version has only been together a little over a year now. 

  1. What got you into music and what keeps you going night after night playing?

I always wanted to be a singer. My mother says I was since the day I was born. I grew up on a cattle ranch in South Dakota and we didn’t have a tv or time to watch one. We worked very hard and went to school and in the winter months, we would find a hobby and spend the very long winters learning more about whatever that hobby was. Mine was music. I would choose a different instrument every few years and just practice it on my own until I could get by on it. We didn’t have lessons or youtube videos or anything like that, so I didn’t learn anything correctly, but I always had an ear for it and could duplicate something once I heard it. I took those influences and created my own versions of them eventually. 

What keeps me going night after night are a collection of things. I realize the importance of what we do and the songs we write and I want to make sure that I’m out there singing those so that whoever needs to hear that at that moment gets the chance. I also keep going because of my band. I’ve never worked with such supportive people, so they make it a lot easier to keep going. 

  1. So, what is new with the band?..New Album out? New Videos? 

New everything! The album is coming out in February 2020 (that’s what we are shooting for) and it’s called “SEVEN”. We’ve already released our first single “Let it Go” through Ingrooves and it is doing really well on Spotify. We had more plays on it in 4 days than we had in our last single 4 years ago. The music video has been released  (2 weeks ago) and we love it. We worked with Thomas Crane of Kill Devil Films to make this one happen.

We also have our first ever Xmas Song coming out this week for Black Friday called “Fairytale of New York”. I call it our Xmas song because it’s not a traditional style Christmas song. This song was written by the Pogues and tells the tale of an Irish couple in the early 1920’s. It’s an amazingly written song and I love it. We plan on dropping the next single “Money” in another week. You’re going to be hearing quite a lot from us in the next year to come. 

  1. If you didn’t become a musician, what would you  be doing right now?

I’d probably be dead. I don’t know. I never had a back up plan. It was all or nothing for me. Always has been and probably always will be. 

  1. What is the weirdest or funniest question you have ever been asked?

This one. No, seriously though….

If I start charging $1 from everyone that mentions how short I am when they see me, I would probably be able to pay my mortgage without touring. If that doesn’t work, I can change them $1 for every time they mention how tall our drummer is. That will definitely work. 

  1. If you can have your fans remember you for one thing, what would that be?

Writing important and meaningful songs that changed people’s lives and made them understand how necessary they are. 

  1. On a scale of one to 2593, How good is your new single compared to your last single? (my attempt at humor, but please still answer)

I’d give it a solid 2592.5

  1. What do you feel is the best song your have release to date and why?

Be Brave. It has helped so many get up and fight impossible challenges. It made it on the initial ballot for the 2019 Grammy ballot for consideration. I’ve never even achieved that before. I think it has been that song that anyone and everyone felt the first time they heard it. 

  1. Do you think you can get any better as a musician/singer? And if so, How would you achieve that?

Of course you can get better as a musician/singer. If you’re not trying to do that, you’ve given up. The only way to achieve that is to continue to practice what you already know and learn more about what you don’t know. 100%

  1. If you could give your fans one random fact about you that you think they should (or should “not” know) about you what would that be?

I have 2 Lakota Sioux Indian names. One is a joke and one is what I am. The joking one means “bad spider” because I weave a web of confusion (what woman doesn’t). And my true name means “horse woman” because I’m pretty much totally connected with horses and always have been since I was a child. 

  1. You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Oh, my color already exists. I am Jazzberry Jam. It was my original red-headed self.

  1. Who are you inspired by?

I’m inspired by ordinary people who do extraordinary things in their lives. 

  1. What’s an average day like for you?

If I’m home: 

First thing I do is get up and activate my super badass refrigerator screen that allows me to play music. I choose something like Puscifer on Pandora and let it roll while I hit that almighty power button on my coffee maker. The bean grinder activates and I settle into my favorite chair (it’s actually the only chair I have right now) at my kitchen table where my computer is sitting. The smell of our own Jasmine Cain coffee (yes, I have my own coffee…3 blends…and they are all incredible) hangs in the air as I check emails and handle any clerical things I might need to do. 

Kevin emerges from the room and usually make breakfast. It will be 2 scrambled eggs and either bacon or pork chops (his favorite). After breakfast, I have already made my plans for the day and will begin that impossible checklist immediately. I like to give myself more things than one person can possibly finish in a day and then get them all done. It’s a fun challenge. Sometimes it’s on a computer all day and sometimes it can include clearing out an entire brush/tree line with a set of loppers. (I’ve named them Cyndi Loppers and I’m on my 3rd set). 

If I’m on the road: 

Hotel checkout is usually 11am and I’m up in just enough time to leave. I pack my suitcase the night before so that I don’t have to think about anything in the morning. We find a nearby Cracker Barrel and everyone grabs something to eat (except PK, cause he doesn’t do breakfast). Everyone in the band usually drinks a coffee and water. Then we load up in a van and Kevin drives us around the country til we get to the next show. I set up a make-shift “office” in the front seat and the band crashes out in the back rows. I do bookings and contracts and pay bills while we’re rolling along and Kevin does all the driving now…which is good because I used to do both at the same time. Safety 2nd. 

On a show night: 

We always get to the show at least 2 hours before showtime unless we are headlining, in which case we get there earlier in the day to backline the gear and sound check. After that is done, we head to grab lunch and then to the hotel where everyone kinda does their own thing. I’m usually doing business on my phone/computer. PK is gaming. Jordan is doing a bunch of photo editing. Kevin is doing graphic art. We do everything in house. Later we grab dinner (if it’s not in the green room at the show) and then get to the show and bust a bunch of skulls onstage. I usually do my own merch booth and will be there an hour or two after the show while the band strikes the stage and loads those cases in the trailer. Merch is the last 2 cases to load, so I pack it up and throw it in at the end. 

Also…..every day is different. We have no routine. We are madly trying to handle more jobs than people should have to handle. But we are doing it. 

  1. Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans

I try to give everyone as much time as I humanly can as long as they are respectful and not pushy with me. There is an art to handling massive amounts of people at the same time and I think I do an okay job of that. I stay until the last person who needs to say something to me or hear something from me has gotten what they came for. It can be very exhausting, but also incredibly rewarding. I answer all the emails and messages from our sites…even if it takes me a few days to get to them. The guys tell me I need to take more time for myself and eventually I might feel the same way, but right now, I think I’m doing what I need to. 

  1. Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

Oh hell yeah. My first ever stage performance with an actually band, I was only about 6 years old. Scared the shit out of me to hear all of that sound because prior to that it was just my older brother and me rehearsing in a bedroom with his guitar. I froze. I gripped the microphone so hard that they couldn’t get it out of my hands. I couldn’t remember the words. I couldn’t sing. I just stood there. They had to unplug the microphone and carry me off stage. It took me a while to overcome that. I deal with a lot of self-doubt, so I have a hard time feeling like I belong up there in some situations. I had to create this alter-ego just to get passed that. 

  1. Tell me about your favorite performance venues

Something magical happens every year onstage at Thunder in the Valley in Johnstown, PA. The people there are just so into the music and they support us so much. I’ve joked about buying a house there just so I could run for Mayor. I joked about that onstage one time and they all went crazy. I guess maybe I’ll end up a mayor in Johnstown someday, who knows. 

  1. What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Be honest with yourself about what you want. Be vocal with other about what you want. Pace yourself. Don’t get caught up in all the drama. Run your own race. The only person you are trying to do better than is yourself yesterday.

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