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Live Review~ Blue October Day 2 of WKQK 101 – 11/9/19 House of Blues Chicago

The light’s go dark and then come on as blue. Smoke is coming off the stage and into the crowd giving it a spooky haze like effect. You see this melody that you have not heard and it doesn’t sound like any of their songs. Then the band comes out, Justin coming out last and going up to the crowd and the photographers before heading to the microphone and screaming, “CHICAGO”.

Blue October then begins to play “Coal Makes Diamonds”. Justin Dance on stage and had so much with his fans and connecting with all of them while on stage. I love seeing Matt Noveskey and Will Knaak mess around with each other while they play guitar and bass. During “Say it”, Ryan Delahoussaye came out from behind with his Violin and just hypothesized the crowd, it was honestly my favorite part was watching him play. Half way through Blue October set, They played “Into the Ocean” and got the whole crowd to sing along. It was one of the best moments.

The crowd was all ages with a lot of adults in their 40’s. I did see a lot of younger fans too, including a little girl holding flowers on the barricade to give to the band. The lighting was amazing and with there being so much smoke on stage, from being towards the back of the venue, it was like seeing a ghost or shadow figures dance and sing. 

Here is what we heard from some of the fans at the show.

Everything was perfect. High energy from crowd. The band played awesome. The sound was just perfect. Light show was out of this world. Justin and band kept the crowd energized with solo’s played by band. Justin’s dancing synchronized with music was very entertaining. 2 Thumbs up! Looking forward to see the band again.

By G39man

Anyone that is a Blue October fan knows the journey Justin has taken us on with his music, so glad to see he feels more alive now. I’ve been wanting to see them for a long time, and kept putting them off saying ” i will get them next time”…so happy i finally got to experience their art…anyone who wants to see this band should…be happy for the day, and try to make the most of it…take care all !

By Russell

Photos and review by Alexandra Geshel

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