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Poppy is taking the music industry by storm!!!

Poppy is taking the music industry by storm!!!

From becoming a YouTube rising star to branching out to music and becoming one of the most talked about singers, Poppy is taking the music industry by storm. Poppy just recently finished a tour with Sleeping With Sirens and Bring me the Horizon as an opener and in January is doing her own headlining tour, stopping at all the places she missed during the SWS and BMTH tour.

Now Poppy’s tour is to also celebrate the release of her new album which comes out January 10th, 2020 called I disagree. Now this tour will start on January 22nd at the Great American Music Hall in CA and will be ending February 21st at Fonda Theatre in CA. This is a 21 date tour which is super exciting!

After this Poppy will be traveling across the world and doing shows in the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, France, and so many other awesome places!

By Alexandra Geshel

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