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Bastille brought their music performance to Daily’s Place. Unlike many music concerts, Bastille is not just a band playing their music – they are a complete performance. They weave together the message from their songs into acts similar to a theater performance, using not just their instruments, voices and lyrics, but weaving a story with their songs (all written by Dan Smith); their stage sets using furniture from the 50s and 60s; and the graphics on the giant screen behind them. Most importantly, their music is loved by their fans who packed the house for their Doom Days Tour.

Act 1 was Avoiding Tomorrow starting with A Quarter Past Midnight telling the story of a group of friends out for the night, trying to hold off the coming day. The audience was immediately on their feet, singing every lyric, believing “help me piece it all together, darling before it falls apart.” The dread of past decisions weighs heavily in The Things We Lost with scenes of an atomic bomb exploding and images of losing everything playing as a backdrop to the music. Bad Decisions continues the remorse of what has happened/may happen tomorrow crying ” and if we’re going down in flames take a bow for the bad decisions that we made, the bad decisions that we made, so we’ll make the same mistakes until the morning breaks.” During Flaws Dan Smith left the stage and walked among the Bastille fans, slapping hands, bumping fists while singing the lyrics ” There’s a hole in my soul, I can’t fill it, I can’t fill it, there’s a hole in my soul
Can you fill it? Can you fill it? “

Act 2 was Those Nights, the songs reflecting nights the fans have experienced and relate to. 4 AM sets the stage of friends on the floor, draped over furniture, in a smoke filled room while Dan Smith sits onthe floor of the stage and sings ” No, there is nowhere I would rather be, oh-oh, never felt more comfortable, could never want for more when you’re near” while his fans sing along waving cell phones and swaying side to side. Doom Days lyrics recite the ills of today, the social media bullying, the addiction to cell phones, the pills and ” when I watch the world burn
All I think about is you.”

Act 3 The Morning Doesn’t Reach Us begins with Dan Smith in a chair in front of a television set at 8:34 A.m. singing Joy, talking about Joy knowing the fear and dread in his mind while multiple frame images of Joy flash on the tv and the screen behind. Of The Night is a mash up of ‘90s tracks The Rhythm of the Night by Corona and Rhythm is a Dancer by Snap and had the entire audience jumping and singing along. Million Pieces tells the story of disengaging for just one night and simply enjoying each other while an atom bomb explodes in the pupil of a giant eye on screen. The finale of the performance was Pompeii, perfomed by Bastille and Joywave, a huge fan favorite.

The entire performance was first rate, the fans loved every minute staying on their feet, singing every lyric, fist pumping and dancing. While the lyrics seem to tell a story of desperation in past decisions made and current actions, there is a thread of hope and joy that prevails and touches the fans. There is no doubt Bastille has a huge impact on not just the young adults but the many older fans who were present in significant numbers. Each album they release carries a message to more and more fans that we do not have to accept bad decisions and past errors, we can change the world.

Joywave appeared for the third time at Daily’s Place to open for Bastille. They played a full set to an enthusiastic full standing pit ending with their most popular song Obsession.

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