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The X 106.5 BBQ With Jimmy Eat World~ Taking Back Sunday~ Blue October and Flora Cash Rocks The Amp!!

The X106.5 BBQ With Jimmy Eat World~ Taking Back Sunday~ Blue October and Flora Cash Rocks The Amp!!

It was a pleasant Sunday at The Amp in St. Augustine Florida and the Alternative rock fans were in for one hell of a treat no thanks to X106.5 Alternative rock station out of Jacksonville Florida who was hosting the X106.5 BBQ.

Opening up the festivities was the Folk duo Flora Cash. Flora Cash was amazing. A nice intimate set had the crowd swaying and singing along in delight. There was an awesome meet and greet after the show at which I got my shirt autographed and a picture together with the artist. Cool vibes and great times!

The band Blue October hit the stage next and never fails to thrill their audience. With Justin’s intriguing lyrics, the beautiful thrill of Ryan’s violin, Jeremy’s multi layers in his drumming skills, Will’s electrifying riffs, and my all time favorite, Matt’s deep tone and melodic symphony of his bass, this band is one of my absolute favorite live performing groups!. Definitely would love to see them perform again! I really think that the band was the hit of the night, and well deserving of that title as they interacted with the crowd and the crowd gave them everything the band could ask for.

Taking Back Sunday set the stage for one hell of a show coming up as the third band of the night..and and the verdict is..Fkn mic-swingingly fantastical show! ..Best concert I’ve ever experienced. Mark smashed the drums louder than you’d expect to hear on the recordings, and Adam’s enigmatic on stage persona was beyond amazing. The old songs sounded as if they were recorded yesterday, and the new ones were just incredible. I hope I get the chance to see them again. It’s awesome when a band recognizes what the fans want to hear and you can genuinely tell the band loves performing it just as much as we love hearing it!!!!

The night ended with Jimmy Eats World…Jimmy Eat World is always worth coming out for. It started out a little rough with the sound at the venue, but they seemed to have worked out the kinks fairly quickly. I can’t believe this was the only Florida shop on the tour for Jimmy Eat World headlining. They went through great songs, some from their first albums and some brand new pieces. It was just amazing. Their energy was flowing off the stage and into the massive crowd in the pit of the venue. The crowd was rocking and rolling, dancing and jamming throughout the whole place. I loved it! You could tell they put their hearts into the performance. They had so much energy. They sounded amazing, and the stage looked great. It was one of my favorite shows I’ve been too.

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