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[Metal News] MAJESTY Release New Song & Official Video “Wasteland Outlaw”!

MAJESTY Release New Song & Official Video “Wasteland Outlaw”!
New Album “LEGENDS” Out June 28th!
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German heavy metal icons lead you into a post-apocalyptic wasteland!
Heavy Metal outlaws MAJESTY release the second single and first official video from their new album Legends! The band centered around mastermind Tarek Maghary deliver a new single that expresses everything, MAJESTY stands for: Going your own way, living your dream and stay true to yourself without any compromises!

MAJESTY used the two years since their latest album Rebels well: Next to relentless touring, the five piece got busy by pouring all its creativity into new and exciting material. Legends is the ninth MAJESTY studio album and leads all defenders of steel into a post-apocalyptic wasteland where mankind fights for a brighter future. This is the next level of Heavy Metal!
MAJESTY is proud to present you “Wasteland Outlaw” from their upcoming album “Legends” which will be released on June 28th.

Singer Tarek comments on the song: “This song was written to be an anthem for all people who are ready to live a life of freedom and break out of their daily routine. The time is now to stand tall against the world, experience some adventures and become a wasteland outlaw!”
I will stand tallAnd live my dream

Watch the official video for the second single “Wasteland Outlaw” right HERE!

Tarek Maghary – Vocals
Emanuel Knorr – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Robin Hadamovsky – Guitars
Arthur Gauglitz- Bass
Jan Raddatz – Drums

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