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Shinedown ~ Three Nights Of Madness At House Of Blues Orlando~

Shinedown ~ Three Nights Of Madness At House Of Blues Orlando~


Shinedown rocked the paint off the walls at House Of Blues in Orlando for 3 epic night on December 26-28 on their “An Evening With Shinedown” Tour. Hardcore Shinedown fans and people seeing Shinedown for the first time packed the HOB for, count them, Three SOLDOUT shows.

Shinedown has a special connection with Orlando and WJRR 101.1 radio station that hosted the shows. WJRR is one of the first radio stations that played their early music on the air, and the guys in Shinedown have always appreciated that.

These 3 shows were special in many so many ways, First they were set to send off 2018 with a huge BANG!! and boy did it. Every night was even more special then the last. You as how is that possible, Well let me tell you.

Night one came, and the buzz was this was going to be a show like no other, but what was about to happen was something that has never happened at a Shinedown show. The HOB was packed like a fat guy in skinny jeans. The air was thick with energy and excitement of what was going to come. Some had a clue what was to come, but boy they didn’t know it was going to be this magical!!… The full set consisted of the “The Sound Of Madness” album front to back!! The Shinedown Nation go the show of a lifetime!!.. And the guys in the band did the fans a solid! It was one night that fans were never going to forget. and the band played for two and a half hours that rocked the place like it had never been rocked before. I can tell you this, there was not a single face that left that didn’t have the biggest freaking grin on their face, that I am sure last for a few days!!

Night Two was upon us, and everyone was wondering how Shinedown was going to top day one. Well… They turned up and “Cut The Cord” with an acoustic set that set the crown on fire. Starting off the night was “Fly From The Inside” and went on to “Second Chance” and “Hero” as they played some of their most famous songs unplugged. The band really know how to connect with their fans, and doing an all acoustic is even a better way to get inside the hearts of their fans and show the feeling of each song played. It was one hell of a show.

Night 3!!.. It was here, and the place was going to be packed once again!!… As people stood in line at the House Of Blues the band send out a message of what was going to go down that night. It was one of the best things that ever could have happened for Shinedown Fans and Shinedown Nation!! AN ALL REQUEST SHOW!!. Fans were told to bring signs with them of their favorite Shinedown songs written on them and they would come out and pick songs from the crowd. This show was as special as they get!!.. With the band interacting with the fans like never done before. The came out blazing with the huge hit “Simple Man” and became more EPIC as the night went on. Between each song, they would look out through the crowd and take turns picking songs, and they picked songs that they haven’t played in years like “Burning Bright”, not played since 2012 and a very rare one called “Her Name Is Alice” based off Alice In Wonderland. The also broke out a live Premiere called “Miracle” that fan went crazy over. The night ended as brilliant as the night started with the very fitting song called…you guessed it “Brilliant“!!!… It was one last note to the fans to be just that “Brilliant!!!!

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