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CKY~ Ends their Fall Tour at 1904 In Jacksonville with a bang!!

CKY hit Jacksonville with some downright kick-ass rock and roll. They packed the downtown Jacksonville venue 1904 on a Sunday night to end the tour and Special guest Nekrogoblikon and Granny 4 Barrel.

All the bands played it was like this was their last show, and the fans eat it up! The Sunday mosh pit rolling early and fast, with a few stage dives by a goblin and a merch girl into the crowd for a little crowd surfing. CKY did what they do best, feeding off the energy of the crowd and played a perfect set. The fans feed off that bands as well, and the energy was infectious in the dark music hall. The night ended with some of the guys from Nekrogoblikon hitting the stage and having a little fun on stage with CKY as the crowd went wild.

CKY is riding the wave of their last summer release  The Phoenix via Entertainment One (eOne). The all-new LP is the first release since the band put out Carver City in 2009.

CKY have released a cover of GG Allin classic “Bite It You Scum” ahead of their exclusive Record Store Day release. The song is from a vinyl-only EP called Too Precious To Kill, which will be released in stores on Black Friday, November 23, 2018 (Record Store Day). 

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