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Thank you, Russell Dickerson and band, for bringing a little Tennessee to the Sunshine state for one glorious night.

DSC_6918Let’s just get one thing straight right away. If you give me a job that includes covering a country singer with one heck of a voice, and he hails from Tennessee….chances are I am going to let you I have one blessed life to call this work. So here I am, “working” on a Sunday evening, covering Russell Dickerson and Darius Rucker’s concert in Jacksonville, Florida.

Sure I plan on telling you about the songs he sang  and how he had the crowd at their feet, but I also want to tell you about an impressive talent Russell and his band possess. Not only is he able to hold his beer the whole entire show all while singing and dancing all over the stage, but his guitar player is able to throw his head back, while Dickerson pours a beer into his mouth for a solid ten seconds all while jamming some tunes out. If this doesn’t scream that he is the kind of guy you want to party with on a beautiful Sunday evening in Florida, then I just don’t know what kind of life you are living.

He plays the song “Twentysomething” which has you feeling nostalgic if you’re my age, and since a good portion of the crowd seems to be Twentysomething themselves, they seem to fall at ease and dance to the sounds of what can,  and what was all of those great years for us all.

Of course, there might not be a better part of the night for the crowd who came to hear him sing than when he belts out his now infamous song, “Yours”. I’m pretty sure this is the song that women are dreaming of having their first dance be to at their weddings one’s day.   And I will be the first to say that hearing it live was that  “I just went weak in the knees moment” that girls long for. After hearing “Blue Tacoma” you just know that sometime really soon, Russell Dickerson won’t be the opener…..he will be the headlining act and more twenty-something girls will be lining up those gates to hear this guy’s canorous voice that we all love so much.

On the last note, I will leave you with the first verse of my personal favorite song of his. “That’s My Girl” might just be every Southern gal’s favorite one he’s written and sang. If this isn’t how you were raised, then you just might not be Southern after all.

“She can parallel park a pick-up truck

Unload the shells from a twelve gauge shot-gun

Catch a little dinner on the side of the river banks

She can pop the hood when the light turns on

Get it running good when it’s running wrong

Cut the grass, catch a backyard touchdown pass

Oh, she can start a little fire when the sun goes down”

Thank you, Russell Dickerson and band, for bringing a little Tennessee to the Sunshine state for one glorious night.

Photos and review by Cindy Marshall

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