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Review- Nonpoint…He is Legend..and Letters From the Fire Rock 1904 Music Hall.


On a somber day of senseless violence in Jacksonville, where a mass shooting took place just blocks away from the venue,1904 Music Hall, where Nonpoint, Letters From The Fire and He Is Legend was to take the stage …the old additive was..THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!

A rock show did go on, and it was one HELL of a show!!… Hardcore rock fans filled the place to listen to great music and to try to just forget about what had happened just hours before the show, but not forget about the senseless death of the three people and many injured at the Landing in Jacksonville. The bands also let the fans know that they were thinking about the victims, and they did want to let the actions of one person to ruin an enjoyable Sunday night with great bands playing great music!

Nonpoint came out swinging!!.. Busting out hits from old and new songs that are soon to be hits off their new album “X” that just came out the Friday before. X standing for their tenth album, which is a huge accomplishment in the music industry. Special for a band that doesn’t get the huge props that they truly deserve. I think that is why they are so appreciative of their fans and realizes that if it wasn’t for them, they wouldn’t be where they are today. That is a sign of a band that is here to stay with many more album in the future.

But this night was about rocking out and forgetting about the world outside and having a kick-ass time… and that is just what happened. Nonpoint is all gas and no brake, they are like a runaway freight train on stage… Full Throttle and never look back.  “Batteries” came blazing out blazing out of the gate with the fans going freaking crazy!!.. And that craziness never ended as they ripped through fourteen songs like “Broken Bones“, “Destiny” and the new smash hit “Chaos and Earthquakes” from the new album “x”. At one point, Elias Soriano stopped the show, asking the crowd, “in lieu of what happened today, we would like to put a vote to the crowd on whether we play this song tonight or not”, with the crowd erupting in cheers,” we want to respect some of you that may be grieving for what happened today, but we are going to put it a vote, by a show of hands, show wants to hear “Bullet“… and before he could get the word out, the crowd went wild!. So needless to say, they played it, and rock the hell out of it!

I will have to say, I was quite surprised by the turnout, Nonpoint 361 fans are fans tell the end, there could be a tornado coming and these fuckers will run toward it if nonpoint is playing close by. You can tell that the band is appreciative of the loyalty as well, and they show in on stage every night they play, and they let the fans know it with– nonstop kick ass nonpoint!! They closed the show with pretty much sum up a crazy day in Jacksonville– ” What a Day“.

He Is Legend and Letters From the Fire are out on this leg of tours that hit three or four home state Florida shows for Nonpoint, and I will have to say they both have new fans in me, and well as I’m sure a lot of others that have hit the shows so far. He is Legend has mad energy on stage and got the crowd pumped up and moshing. Letters From The Fire is new to me, but I am a huge fan now, not just because they have a female lead singer (Nina Bergman) that isn’t hard to look at, it is she can fucking sing!! and the band is tight as hell!!

So, what I am saying!!!…Go see a Nonpoint show near you..You will not regret it!!

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