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Live Review- G3 with Joe Satriani-John Petrucci-Phil Collen & Delta Deep… A guitar clinic you just cant miss!!


G3 - Florida Theater 1.31.18-5770

Joe Satriani G3 – With Phil Collen & John Petrucci of Dream Theater


Joe Satriani stops in at the Florida Theatre in downtown Jacksonville Florida and decides to bring a few friend out on tour with him for the 2018 G3 Tour. But these are not just some ordinary friends, but friends that can shred on their guitars and leave your jaw on the floor wondering how they do it. He inviting Dream Theater’s John Petrucci and Def Leppard lead guitarist Phil Collen to join him on the U.S. portion


Before the mind-melting guitar play of these three guys, we were graced by the presence of Phil Collen extreme blues side project Delta Deep. The band opened up the show and got the people up and swaying to some great music, and even better singing by Debbi Blackwell Cook, I mean, this woman can freaking sing, I was blown away, as well as the audience at the theater. Phil is a great singer as well, and you can tell the blues is a real passion for Phil. Delta Deep brought the crowd alive and on their feet and cheering after every song. They are HIT! So come early and check this band out, you will not regret it. They have a new album out now called “East Coast Live” that just was released 1/26. You can find out more at the following links:







John Petrucci- G3 - Florida Theater 1.31.18-5080

John Petrucci Gallery


John Petrucci of Dream Theater came out next to wow the crowd with some killer playing of his own, John has this guitar stuff down pat I do believe..haha. He showed us he is no slouch when it comes to him being on stage and just playing like there is no tomorrow and enjoying it. He graced us an opening tune called “Wrath of the Amazons“, Which just blew the crowd back in their seats. He masterfully played through his set that consisted of “Damage Control” and then finally “Glasgow Kiss” which brought the fan to their feets in amazement.  John combines his metal shredding technique with a slower, emotive soloing style and is respected for his variety of guitar styles and skills. One of the most notable of these styles is his high-speed alternate picking which, as he himself claims, requires a “strong sense of synchronization between the two [playing] hands.” When he plays, you just kinda set back and let the music slowly soak up in your brain and try to process what is happening.


World-renowned guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani struts out on stage next, with his signature shiny bald head with sunglasses on and processed to throw down some of the sickest guitar playings you will ever hear and set your eyes on. Joe is out supporting his 16th solo album, What Happens Next, that dropped on 1/12/18.Joe is really not like no other, he just bleeds guitar solos. If he wasn’t born with a guitar in his hands I don’t know how he wasn’t. The guitar is like another heart to him, one that he plays to keep it beating. The harder and faster he plays the faster the heart screams for more. And that is exactly what you feel as you sit back and watch him play in amazement. It was only fitting for Joe to start it off with “Energy” to get the crowd up and screaming like Joe’s guitar was. Satriani screamed through his set list that consisted of “Cherry Blossom“, “Thunder Funky Badass“, “Head Rush” and many more. The band was just as kickass as Joe was, they were really tight and the energy was infectious.


G3 - Florida Theater 1.31.18-5638Phil, John, and Debbi Blackwell Cook came out on stage to give Joe a hand on a few songs that just blew the roof off the place. The three guitar masters played together like they had been playing together for years, they would trade off doing little solos back and forth that just melted our minds. The three encore songs that put the show at the top of the must-see shows were non-other than “Highway Star” by Deep Purple, “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder and “Going Down” by The Alabama State Troupers. I mean, this encore was one of the best encores I have ever seen and heard…Period! Debbi is exquisite vocals just were insane and ended the night on a high note, pun intended.

What can I say about this show that isn’t amazing, you have blues, you have prog, you have rock, soul and everything you ever wanted in a show!!! It is one hell of an experience you will never forget!

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