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[Album Review] Crystal Lake- “True North”

Crystal Lake formed in 2002, with the band spending their initial years playing local shows and refining their sound.Japanese heavy-rock giants Crystal Lake have announced plans to release their long awaited, fourth full-length album, True North, on Artery Recordings in North America on December 2nd. In anticipation for the new record the band will unveil the record’s first new track titled “Omega” on Friday, November 4th.

Let me just give you fair warning..You need to get this album. “True North” is one of those ground breaking album that is going to do just that for Crystal Lake, break ground and break them out into the world of the ones the listen to. These guys are a a bullet train ready to set the world speed record for up and coming artist.

True North has just about everything you have ever wanted to listen to in a album..A little bit of every genre.They drop some alternative, hard-rock, metal, death Metal, hardcore, metalcore, they even throw down a few beat rhymes….you name it..they blast your ears with it. BUT, I will say this, the guys have but it all together masterfully, the album flows like not other, they are that freaking good.

A few notable tracks are:

  •  Hatred– This tune will get you freaking ragging, they throw down on this one like they are about to take over the world.The music in this song is so infectious you will want to play it over and over again..and must listen to !!
  • True North– This song show cased just how talented Ryo – Vocals ~YD – Guitar
    Shinya – Guitar~Gaku – Drums are..They know their stuff, Ryo vocals are on point and the guitar playing of YD and Shinya are just insane, and the druming of Guku is just mind blowing.
  • Breathe Deep– A nice change of pace from the hardcore screaming and heavy pounding your ears will get..It is a nice refreshing song that make you, Breathe Deep and get you ready for more mind plowing music to come.
  • Six Feet Under– Yes, they come at you with this one right from the first note, The let you know that they can speed it up and crush you into a million pieces if they so desire. Hard hitting and straight to the bone crush metal sound.
  • Wave– This song bring everything to a collective end and the waves of ups and down this album take you on, let alone this smashes down on you like a tidal wave then bring you back to life with some great melodic vocals.

Like i said before..You will hear this band on the radio soon here in the states and world wide, They are just that good. The flow of this album is something to marvel..It is a 9.5 out of 10 for me.

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