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Coheed and Cambria are always Fantastic !

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Coheed And Cambria made a stop in Gainsville Fl. at the Forum, that turned the college town in to a mind melting rock show. CC hit the stage at the with rip-roaring guitars and pounding drums with songs like “Ghost”  “Here to Mars” all the way up to the three encore songs that had a nirvana cover thrown in “You Got Spirit, Kid”, “Drain You”, “Welcome Home ” .

Every one of Coheed’s shows have been some of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had! Even before I was a real fan. This one was no different. The energy, fellow fans singing along in unison, the intricate detail they put into every show, the undeniable talent of every member of the band…I’ve been to a lot of shows from different artists, and Coheed by far has always put on the absolute best show. Definitely 110% recommend going to a show if you ever can! If you haven’t seen Coheed & Cambria, you must. From beginning to end these guys rock it! No frills, just good rock n roll. The crowd was like hundreds of energizer bunnies just running around, especially those folks in the pit, just when you thought they’d slow down, the next song would fuel them on.

Save The Day hit the stage before CC,Saves The Day has release their eighth studio album this fall on Equal Vision Records/Rory Records. The self-titled record hit the shelf on September 17th and reunites the band with the label that helped shape them into the seminal act they are today. The album was produced by Saves The Day, engineered by Marc Hudson and mixed by Rob Schnapf, marking the first time the band has worked with Schnapf since 2003’s In Reverie. Their show was great and the guys had great energy.

Opening up the show,Coming to you from the heart of North Texas, the fast-rising instrumental quartet known as Polyphia is bringing a deadly dose of CATCHY to the forefront of music. Between evocative, emotionally stimulating melodies, powerful rhythms, and thick, soulful bass licks, you’ll have these songs stuck in your head for years to come.

Polyphia, and Saves The Day. Polyphia should have played longer than 30 minutes they are great musicians and put on a great show.

Photos By Troy Fisher Photography

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