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Ballyhoo!.. “Bombs” into Jacksonville with a free show !!!

The Reggae-pop band Ballyhoo! rolled in to Jacksonville Florida playing a free show at Nippers Beach grille on scenic Inter coastal  marina spot that was perfect of sipping margaritas and listing the Reggae, supporting their new album “ Pineapple Grenade”

The boats in the background of the stage and the sun setting in the off in the distance set the stage for the great show by the Aberdeen, Maryland band that are easy,breezy sandal-wearing folks who fit perfectly in the setting of the Florida life-style.

There wasn’t an open table out at the beach inspired setting at Nippers. The hardcore fans of Ballyhoo! got there early knowing it was going to be packed and by 6pm it was already standing room only.

Ballyhoo! opened up the show off with the ripping tone of “Quest” off into their Do it for the Money album and eased into the riffs of “Farley” as the crowd started to get into the groove, dancing and swaying the melodic reggae sounds. Bally really go into it as the played “lost @ sea” and well as the fans singing the words and really moving as they pack up front of the stage that was set up under the pergola out in the patio.Ballyhoo! closed the show with the new single “Run” to the great pleasure of i am sure new and the old fans.

The show was a perfect setting for the band and the crowd,Simply a fantastic, well rounded beach band. Their music goes great whether you’re just sitting alone in your backyard relaxing or throwing a keg party.Ballyhoo! never disappoints, and this show is no exception.. The band gives you something completely new while still giving you the same great punk rock reggae sound. The jaded and the sour shouldn’t come anywhere near it, but those who seek positive vibrations will think being hit by Ballyhoo!’s Pineapple Grenade!! is quite delicious.

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