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On the heels of his latest single and music video for “Let Loose Tonight” and after much anticipation, Riot V vocalist Todd Michael Hall has released his solo debut album Sonic Healing, available TODAY via Rat Pak Records. An ode to the infectious stadium rock that influenced future musicians around the world, Sonic Healing provides a glimpse into Todd’s musical roots, vocal prowess, and songwriting ability with help from Metal Church’s Kurdt Vanderhoof. From the infectious guitar riffs of the opening track “Overdrive”, to the anthemic album finale of “Long Lost Rock & Rollers,” Sonic Healing is jam packed with musical treats and ear-catching hooks. Sonic Healing is available to purchase in various bundles and configurations at the link here: The album is available for digital stream at the link here:

Sonic Healing – produced by Kurdt Vanderhoof – is now available via Rat Pak Records here: Songs like “Running After You,” “Like No Other,” and “All On The Line” are testaments to the magic that was created when Todd Michael Hall and Metal Church guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof began to focus on their deep love of classic rock icons like Boston, Rush, Styx, Foreigner and REO Speedwagon. Todd’s multi-octave voice and Kurdt’s riff writing capabilities create memorable songs that are reminiscent of the artists that inspired them to pursue a career in music. This is never more apparent than on the debut single “Overdrive” – the video for which can be seen here: Todd’s latest single “Let Loose Tonight” reflects on the medicinal power of music after a hard day, and the video can be seen here: With thought provoking lyrics and rock-solid guitar riffs, Sonic Healing delivers all the power and punch that one would expect from these high-level players. An EPK on Sonic Healing can be seen here:

The track listing for Sonic Healing:

  1. Overdrive
  2. Let Loose Tonight
  3. All On The Line
  4. Running After You
  5. Love Rain Down
  6. Sonic Healing
  7. Like No Other
  8. Somebody’s Fool
  9. To The Bone
  10. Long Lost Rock & Rollers
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