Sick Jokes Premieres New Video For “Pop Goes The Vessel” From Pop-Industrial-Metal Act’s Debut “MMXX”

Sick Jokes Premieres New Video For “Pop Goes The Vessel” From Pop-Industrial-Metal Act's Debut "MMXX"

The song is from the band’s debut EP MMXX (2020 in Roman Numerals, naturally) that is naturally fueled with all the aggression, rage and mania that have become the hallmarks of this year. Find it now via independent label COP International Records HERE

Michael Madill, Sick Jokes’ guitarist/lyricist/sound designer tells the magazine, “We wanted to figure out a way to make a video during the pandemic, with all of us scattered around the world. So we called up our old friend Kevin Leeser, who used to do design and live visuals for us back in Detroit years ago. The song is using the metaphor of a stroke to symbolize excess, and so the general idea was to have the video represent a trip through the bloodstream, moving through the vessels as the pressure builds and things start to boil, until… pop goes the vessel, baby. The five of us all shot our own footage from our respective spots around the globe, and then Kevin did a bunch of cloud tank shots and graphics and edited it all together into this glorious fever dream.”

Heavy, brooding, at times even a bit uplifting, the nine-track MMXX (four original songs, five remixes) is the collaborative effort of a band of old cohorts spanning the globe with Madill stationed in Normandy, France and keyboardist Robert McCarroll, drummer Kenny Wilson and dual vocalists Sean Haezebrouck and Plasmic spread out between Los Angeles, Detroit and Austin. 

The EP is now available for purchase in digital formats HERE.

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