Live Stream Review~ Avatar Illusion – An Impossible Concert Experience

Avatar does it again!!! With their second of four mind blowing live steam events this month with “Age Of Illusion” this past weekend.

Avatar set the mark high with their show last weekend with Avatar Ages, but this Saturday, January 16 – Age of Illusions (Feathers & Flesh and Avatar Country fan voted set list), their second live streaming concert of four in the month of January, put the band to a whole new level of fucking awesomeness!!!

The live stream would count down to the beginning of the show…At the 3 minute mark, you start to see the small clips of avatar fans growling at you “AVAAATTTTAAR!!! fan after fan…growling and chanting for their favorite band…AAAAAAVATARRRR!!! Just seeing all the styles and yelling of the bands name was epic in itself. some dawning the makeup and clothing, it was cool as shit to see one after another…tell the clock struck double 00s and the show began.

This show was going to be fan choice set list from Feathers and Flesh and Avatar Country the two albums that set the band rolling and gaining fans from all around the world. Song one of the set starts with Johannes sitting at the piano playing the intro to “Regret” that led into “House Of Eternal Hunt“, I could have thought of a better way to start a show that went from a mellow into to face melting in a matter of minutes…and didn’t end there. The way the band moved from three different stage setting was on of those things that just set the show to the next level! The guys didn’t waste any time hoping over to one of the other sets to play “The Eagle Has Landed” and “The new Land“, with band members thrashing their hairs and heads to the music like good little metal heads do, hair was being whipped back and for like a blender out of control….HEAD BANGING AND THRASHING was in full force this night.

The night was filled with drum solos by John Alfredsson with going from drum set to drum set, picking the right set for the right songs like “Black Waters” and “Night Never Ending” and ended with the master piece “When The Snow Lies Red“. The rest of the show was filled with Johannes wearing a mask during “Raven Wine” and the King Avatar making his presence known and taking control of the show of Avatar Country setlist, blister though tunes like “Glory To Our King” , ” The King Welcomes You To Avatar Country” and ends with “Silent Songs of the King, Pt. 1: Winter Comes When the King Dreams of Snow“!!!

Was this show an Illusion or real…I really don’t care…all I know is that I want more Avvvataarrr!


Avatar Unity will last for ever!!

Each Avatar Ages upcoming concert film experience will feature fan voted set lists—chosen by ticket purchasers—with songs from Avatar’s celebrated catalog: Avatar CountryFeathers & FleshHail The ApocalypseBlack WaltzThoughts of No TomorrowSchlacht and Avatar.

The upcoming schedule of Avatar Ages – An Impossible Concert Experience concert stream events is as follows:

Saturday, January 23 – Age of Madness (Black Waltz and Hail the Apocalypse fan voted set list)
Saturday, January 30 – Age of Memories (Thoughts of No Tomorrow, Schlacht, Avatar fan voted set list)

Tickets are now on sale here.

Each livestream debuts on its respective date at 1:00 PM Pacific / 4:00 PM Eastern / 10:00 PM CET and remains on-demand for 72 hours.

Single show tickets and various ticket bundles are available, offering exclusive merchandise such as t-shirts, hoodies, vinyl, and a commemorative laminate. A limited number of exclusive virtual Meet & Greets with the entire band are also available. Fans will be able to select their date and time period in advance, and after their personal Meet & Greet, they’ll receive a video file of their conversation, as well as the opportunity to take pictures during the experience. Visit for all details and to purchase tickets.

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