Review~ Hollywood Undead House Party Get Crashed by Jacoby Shaddix, Tech N9ne, Spencer Charnas..and Hyro The Hero

LA party legends Hollywood Undead hit the internet airwaves on Friday Dec 19th – a wild, no holds barred, virtual global party, featuring classic Undead hits and new never-before-seen favorites from their forthcoming album “New Empire Vol. 2”.

Hollywood Undead’s Johnny 3 Tears says, “While we can’t get everyone together in a venue to party, we wanted to do the next best thing and host a night they’ll never forget – but won’t remember the next day.”

The stage was set and the show began with a cartoon like image of a house with people hanging out waiting to get into the house party. The scene moves to real life bouncer DEAD BITE letting us in to the party and the band already getting down with some drinks from the kegs and passing about of some sort of joint, as well as some beer pong going on. The warm up is over quick and the band start to hit the beats hard and heavy early in this party…Time Bomb start the party off right and moved into other songs like crowd favorite ” California Dreaming ” and Heart of a champion, which was literally crashed by with Spencer Charnas) (Also with Jacoby Shaddix)..This really got the party ripping and was soon to get really hopping with more classic song from the band and a lot of drinking and smoking and just some kick ass fun playing and having a good time.

The second half of the show was just as Epic as the first!! Starting up with the slamming tune Riot…then is crushed into the live Debut of Idol with a little help from their boy Tech N9ne that just killed!!..This song is a beast that is going to go far. It was time for some Renegade, which is a huge song that throws down from start to finish. Comin Thru the Radio (with Hyro the Hero) was another (Live debut) that got the band really getting down and dirty, Hyro is always a crowd favorite and bring the energy with ever song he is on, and this was no rocked the hell out this place.

The show ended with the best of the best Undead….The show was filled with get tune and great music…just what a fucking how party needs..and this was one house party that was needed for 2020. The boys really know how to have a good time and this show just shows it…If you get a change in 2021 to see them live..You have to do it!!! They are rocking better then ever!!

For fans wishing to take the party to the next level, Hollywood Undead are offering a variety of suitably awesome merch bundles:

  • Ticket and t-shirt, with rolling papers
  • Ticket and hoodie, with rolling papers
  • Ticket, T-shirt and House Party Pack (that includes a bandana, a dozen branded red solo cups, 2 Ping Pong Balls, Rolling Papers and a deck of cards)
  • Ticket, T-Shirt, House Party Pack and virtual meet & greet with a keepsake video. (limited availability). The first 150 purchasers will also receive a surprise, one-of-a-kind item captured right at the party!

 All tickets and bundles are available now at Early Bird prices at

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