Tim Armstrong (Rancid) Added To Punk Rock & Paintbrushes: The Insides Of Artists Written By Outsiders Exclusive Coffee Table Art Book Out March 15, 2021

Tim Armstrong (Rancid) Added To

Punk Rock & Paintbrushes:

The Insides Of Artists Written By Outsiders

Exclusive Coffee Table Art Book Out March 15, 2021

Also Featuring Art And Stories From

Co-Creator Warren Fitzgerald (The Vandals),

Jim Lindberg (Pennywise), Chali 2na (Jurassic 5), Charlie Benante (Anthrax),

Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero, Matt Hensley (Flogging Molly),

Soma Snakeoil, Carla Harvey (Butcher Babies),

Jennie Cotterill (Bad Cop / Bad Cop) & More

Book Now Available For Pre-Order Here

Punk Rock & Paintbrushes has announced that Tim Armstrong (Rancid) has been added to the list of talent from the music, art and action sports communities that will be featured in the one-of-a-kind collaboration Punk Rock & Paintbrushes: The Insides of Artists written by Outsiders. The exclusive coffee table art book was co-created by Emily T. Nielsen (Punk Rock & Paintbrushes)and Warren Fitzgerald (The Vandals). It will be released on March 15, 2021 and is available for pre-order now at www.PunkRockArt.com.

Punk Rock & Paintbrushes is aunique arts management company and art show producer that bridges the gap between art and music. The Insides of Artists written by Outsiders features 26 chapters, each showcasing artwork and personal stories from participating artists.

While Armstrong’s legacy is firmly rooted in music via Rancid, Operation Ivy and Transplants, another side of his work has publicly emerged recently with online showings of the paintings and illustrations he has made over the years. Armstrong’s artwork and direction are on Rancid’s albums as early as the 1992 album Let’s Go.

In the book, Armstrong says, “I don’t take days off. I like to be consistent in what I do. I paint something every morning with my cup of coffee and play music for the rest of the day. These two activities are what I do every day, regardless of my mood or how I’m feeling.”

Punk Rock & Paintbrushes: The Insides of Artists written by Outsiders chapters include:

·       Tim Armstrong: Punk, Passion & Paint

·       Chali 2na: Manphibian Missions

·       Jason Cruz: Screaming Smoke and Paintings Sung in the Key of A Minor

·       Natalia Fabia: Lady Painter

·       Sarah & Eric Melvin: A Couple That Paints Together

·       Mark deSalvo: Leftover Liner Notes

·       Steve Caballero: Skate and Create

·       Paul Kobriger: The Footprint of Humans as Told Through a Ball Point Pen

·       Carla Harvey: Sex & Transgressions

·       Charlie Benante: Persistence Gets Surreal

·       Chris Shary & Lori Herbst: Folie a Deux

·       Christian Hosoi: Unrestricted Expression

·       Jim Lindberg: Every Single Day

·       Brent Broza: Time For a Change

·       Danielle Donohue: The Great Gatsby or the GREATEST Gatsby???

·       Dan Smith: Heart and Soul

·       Olya & ViraMad Twins: Twins of Madness

·       Matt Hensley: Under Pressure

·       Jason Adams: Destination Nowheresville USA

·       Jennie Cotterill: Bad Cop, Good Cake

·       Tokyo Hiro: From Taboo to Tattoo

·       Mike Gallo: My Life. My Way Everyday

·       Shawn Foley: Chaotic Ambition

·       Brian Bent: Bent Not Broken

·       Soma Snakeoil: DominARTrix: Intersection of Sex, Art & Politics

·       Warren Fitzgerald: An All Access Sanctuary of Self Expression & Autonomy

Nielsen created Punk Rock & Paintbrushes as a platform for artists to showcase their creativity and wildness, their lifestyle, their talents and successes at gallery exhibits and music festivals. As an extension of these exhibitions, The Insides of Artists written by Outsiders represents these sentiments and reminds us that “Punk Rock is not just about music and paintbrushes are not just tethered to the idea of art, but instead the two together are the perfect combination of life in a radical way,” says Nielsen.

The roots of Punk Rock & Paintbrushes reach back to 2007 when Nielsen asked friend Tim McIlrath (Rise Against) to paint a piece of art with the lyrics to the Rise Against song “Survive” for her after overcoming a battle with cancer. The painting has traveled around the world with Emily and is an everyday reminder that “How we survive is what makes us who we are.”

Punk Rock & Paintbrushes: The Insides of Artists written by Outsiders is self-published by Emily T. Nielsen’s company Romantic Rock.

For more information:

Website: www.punkrockart.com  

Instagram: @punkrockandpaintbrushes

About Punk Rock & Paintbrushes: Punk Rock & Paintbrushes is a unique art management company as well as an art show production creative force. We manage talented artists across the globe who share the love of music and art. We bring art to our collectors and fans of art and music from all walks of life. We produce our art shows across the world to share the creativity of these artists with all. All artists have passion to create and each individual we work with is a talented artist we are proud to have as part of our Punk Rock & Paintbrushes family.  

Website: www.punkrockart.com

Instagram: @punkrockandpaintbrushes

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