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Neck Deep dropped a music video for their new single “Fall”

Neck Deep dropped a music video for their new single “Fall” today and it really gives me some feel-good Summer vibes. The fun video features Neck Deep skateboarding and on mini-bikes for an inside look into off time on tour life as well as them skating around their neighborhoods. Skaters Cordano RusselBone Stalone, Jerrod (you can see more of his skating on his tik tok), Alex deCunhaTommy Corbridge and Roxana Howlett. I’d love if you could share the video with your readers!

Skating means the world to the band, and singer Ben Barlow shares “We looked at some of the things we love most- fucking around on tour and skateboarding. We decided to reach out to skaters that we have met along our touring journey, that we believe deserve some recognition, and give them a platform to display their amazing talents. We also dug into our archive of tour footage and put it to good use. Giving you an insight into the world of Neck Deep. Expect to get all nostalgic looking back on better days, but also to stoke up some excitement for when things are back to normal.”

This will be the band’s third single from their forthcoming album All Distortions Are intentional, due out July 24th via Hopeless Records. No mere collection of songs, All Distortions Are Intentional is conceptually rich, with themes of disconnection, existential confusion, and the search for meaning. This album is something sincerely special. It is exactly what I would have hoped a Neck Deep album would sound like in 2020 and THEN SOME.

If you’re interested in reviewing the album, let me know and we’ll get you slated to receive a copy the week before release for review. 

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