Germany’s symphonic metal band Beyond The Black release their fourth album Horizons. Available on June 19

Singer Jennifer Haben talks about the new album and working with singer Elize Ryd of Amaranthe on the song Wounded Healer.  BYB band includes Stefan Herkenhoff (Bass), Chris Hermsdörfer(Guitar/Backings) , Tobi Lodes (Guitar/Backings) and Kai Tschierschky (Drums).

 The bands were scheduled to perform together during the fall and winter of 2020 have been rescheduled for 2021. See the band web site for current info.

IMM:  It’s good to talk to you again. When did the band started the new songs and to record the new album?

JH: We started during the summer of 2019 writing songs and searching for ideas.. we wanted to started to change something like musically and maybe to add what we are listening to right now like on the tour bus and add other stuff and think about and that this is  the song we can put on our album.  So we had the time and let’s try it and we don’t care. This was really amazing, so the beginning of this year we showed our main ideas to our label and they said we love all of the songs and that was really amazing! So let’s record them and was as at the end of March.

IMM: All these songs are new and none of the songs that could have been on previous albums or released that we re-recorded?

JH:  Ah no, not re-recorded but sometimes we have ideas that are really, really rough that we are listening to again. For this album we wanted change a bit of the new music style, we didn’t  listen to the stuff we did before and look for new stuff so one song could be from previous ideas.  But the rest was completely new.

IMM: The new single is Misery. Was it the bands decision to release this song as single?

JH:  Yes, it was a decision of all of us because this was the first song we wrote and finished for the album and we did the session it was the first session with the whole band. And we said let’s try something totally, totally different that we didn’t do before and free to make that change. Like a free mind and this is a song that we would never put on our album but is so different that what we did before and we can do after that. Misery is important to us that if can free our minds then maybe it can free the minds of our fans as well. We all knew that the people wouldn’t expect something like that . Because it is a pop sound and people telling us you’re to pop. It was kind of a middle finger song to these people (Laughter). That did the thing I love about it and our fans love all the song s before didn’t expect that, most of them are so open and they say I listen to the song saying it is a good song and they loved it at the end. It’s something I love about our fans, but all the haters we wanted to show we don’t give a fuck (Laughter).

It was a real decision. We wanted to make of course we were afraid to make that decision and the music video we did but in the end nothing would surprise us. We knew that a lot of people would find what they needed from Beyond The Black and for something new.

IMM:  On the song Wounded Healer that has Elize Ryd singing on.  The band and Elize have been a friend for many years is how she agreed to collaborate?

JH: Not really.  We just got to know each other at Finland last year so we didn’t personally know each other before.  She is so funny and chaotic and I really love her  and love that she has been singing much longer that me  (Laughter). It was fun to work with her and we got to know each other and because wanted to work on the summer shows. And we had in our minds to tour together and always important to know the other bands especially when you do a co-headlining tour and that this will be fun not like being bad with bands when they tour together.

Amaranthe are really, really cool and I just asked her because we were doing a album and they doing album could be cool for the fans if we do something together and play something together on tour. That was something we were thinking about and I was so, so happy she said yes because I really love her voice and I am listening to Amaranthe when I am doing sports. I love their music and happy with the result in the end.

IMM:   What is the song about?

JH:  It’s about a girl talking about her life and the horrible things that happen to her about her sisters died in a terror thing and her parents weren’t there for her when she needed them and they couldn’t. So she wanted to be somebody  to help others that feel the same thing as she dose. So she became some kind of a wounded healer, she was wounded but wants to help others and to heal herself.  That is what the song is about that people wanting to help others. When you talk to people you talk about problems and who don’t know anything about the situation yet and the people in front of you don’t know anything about the situation and come to help like others that are in the same situation. This is something I can really feel a lot. This basic thing we wrote about.

IMM: Ok. Also for the song You’re Not Alone, the sounds of violins adding texture to the music played be people or from a synthesizer?

JH: No, these are not real violins and would be too expensive. We do have a real cello on the album but normally we can’t have real orchestras a lot and that would be super, super expansive.

IMM:  The video for Wounded Healer where was it filmed and how long did it take to make?

JH:  Wounded Healer is a lyric video,  but we wanted to make a real video  like for Misery or the next single. But the Corona virus came up and if don’t have to be close to each other and we did lyric videos before so not super bad we do that again.  We wanted to make something else but in the end decided to make a lyric video , had some small ideas for that but of course it was fast to work with the new stuff we didn’t think of before so I think it’s cool in the end and photos of me of course (Laughter).

IMM: Hope you can do another video of this song with Elize and the band

JH: Yeah.

IMM:  Well this year most too all shows being cancelled and rescheduled for next year?

JH: To be honest you can’t be sure what happens next and for the next month and you don’t plan a lot. The festivals are booking us for next year and all that stuff. We have to think about our touring for the end of the year because in Europe we are not sure if the people can go to the shows and are afraid to go to the concerts and all that stuff.  This is all the stuff going on in our heads. We do have car concerts during June and this will be interesting and all the security stuff will be in the car and strange. But for the people in the cars they have the best sound ever with their radios and sound systems that are good hopefully and play it loud as they want too.  And maybe better than a venue that is bad and for them I think it can be really cool.

Let’s see, I’m super excited and looking forward to it

IMM:  That is different. Is there another video to be made or has been made to be released?

JH:  Yes, for the next single Human we will have a normal music video when the album comes out on June 19. And looking forward to that what people have to say about it.  

IMM:   Thanks for your time and good talking to you again

JH: It was good talking to you too bye

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