Sweden’s high voltage female metal band Thundermother releases their fourth album Heatwave

 The album is heavier and bluesy 80’s sound that has 13 songs and to be released on July 31, 2020. Founder and guitar goddess Filippa Nässil with singer Guernica Mancini gives the songs a unique touch with her blues-soaked voice. The band is completed by the hard rhythms of drummer Emlee Johansson and Majsan Lindberg on bass.

Guernica Mancini talks about the new album.

IMM: The new album is consistent with previous album that has 80’s metal sound and influences.  There are thirteen songs on this album and are any songs hold over’s from the previous album with new songs?

GM: Nome them are hold over’s from the last album. When we finished the last album: Thundermother self titled album we did have some songs and said we should work on them some more but never ended up doing it because we started writing new stuff that was stronger and we fell in love with. The new album is entirely new stuff we wrote during 2019. We wrote over thirty songs so we do have hold over’s for the next album.  And we don’t want to give up on these songs just yet and bring stuff from the last album as well who knows.  It’s been great because this new album has been great because it’s been creatively that we work together as a group from start to finish. The sound has evolved as we put our minds together and our musical backgrounds. We were all involved in the process.

IMM: Compared to the first album where one member would write the lyrics and the others would write the music?

GM: We have four albums out. The first two are with the old line up and Filippa has been the main song writer and has written ninety percent of the material up until the last album. The self title album we ( Guernica, Emlee and Majsan) three years ago, she written most of it and I was able to help out on bits and pieces here and there but she had most of it finished. And we could jump on it and show the world we are the new line up and were here and still going strong.

Now for this fourth album we’ve been a band for a while and were solid unit and tour so much together so we know each other. Last year we devoted so much time touring we sat down to write new material together and finally a solid unit together, a real band.

IMM:  For this album whose decision to release Driving In Style as the first single and video?

GM: We all voted on it and we choosing Driving In Style and Into The Mud. And we decided Driving In Style. Initially we scared as having it as our first single because it’s different than what our fan base is used too and we felt it was a really strong song. As the previous record we released whatever as the first single. We wanted the first single to be a strong party tune and be fun and exciting is why we chose that song, we really love it.

IMM: Where was video filmed? I have not been to Sweden so there is mechanical bull riding establishments there?

GM: (Laughter) that is cute. We filmed the bull riding at a foreign country Germany (Laughter). We rented the bull and shot for two days. Two music videos and a photo shoot. Bull riding you can find it here at Sweden and Europe. It’s not the normal thing like at Saddle Ranch at Los Angeles, California.

IMM: Whose decision to include bull riding for the video?

GM: That is the fun part of the video. That is a fun party and to show that in the video we work hard and party hard. Our parties can be crazy and unexpected things would happen at our parties. I know for sure that our director, she wanted to that stereotypical male things that guys have done in the rock genre like the 80’s videos like the decadence and crazy party scenes. That’s what we wanted to do and make fun of it and show people we have fun and is our party and do whatever the heck we want to do at our party. The boarding is one scene and Filippa being tattooed so all the stuff during the video is show off the fun to us.

IMM: What was the other video that was shot for which song?

GM: The next single is called Dog From Hell. The initial idea was to have the videos connected where we have our pregame then we go to the show. As I said we play hard and we work hard. The videos didn’t turn out the way and last scene didn’t turn out as awesome as we thought because we were all drunk at that time (Laughter).  The video we shot earlier that day was like a behind the scenes like Guns N Rose Sweet Child O Mine where they are preparing for the video shoot. So that kind of the inspiration for that video to see the behind scenes for the video that is the Dog From Hell video.

IMM: So Dog From Hell is not a dog working with Satan?

GM: (Laughter) Yes that is the inspiration. No, it is a famous book from a poet; I need to look up his name. You know love can be very tricky.

IMM: The other songs such as Mexico, Purple Sky and Ghost are about?

GM: for Mexico, Fillipa loves Mexico and where she’s been there several times and love tequila. And she wanted to like a shuffle or ZZ Top. So when she brought the music we wrote the lyrics and had that theme in mind and need write something about tequila. Honestly, I don’t like tequila and I had to do a ton of research and look into all these brands to be able to write a lyric where they’re mention in a cool way. Also I was able to show off my Spanish skills so it’s a very cool song.

For Purple Sky I wrote the lyrics talking about my own experiences growing up in a town. Referencing like Berkley School of Music going through the academic route. I always felt like judged because I chose an alternative path being that I chose to focus on music and this creative thing. Wishing and hoping that younger girls to get inspired to be warriors than just and be more than  pretty princess and be cooler than that, like talking to your young self and sharing personal stuff over the years.

Ghost is about the little voices in your head that mess with you. We all have them and to quite them down. Especially in these times where people question themselves and self esteem things. And everybody has those struggles.

IMM:  It was very good to talk to you and hope the band comes to North America

GM:  You have a nice day and thanks for conversation

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