Interview~ Randall Sykes of Seasons Gives More Insight Into The Band and What is new!!

Seasons is a high level, crowd entertaining band that will not disappoint when it is time for performing on stage. Whether in front of a small, intimate crowd or in a large stadium, Seasons is known for the exact same stage presence which is described as “in your face.” Kent, the vocalist, has mastered metalcore vocals with a distinct heavenly clean vocal that can drive you straight to hell with that first growl. Mark and Nick have a more technical background that allows them to sweep and chug with no limits. Randall can smash a snare and double bass with the best of them. Poe is known for his gift of composition and his stage presence complete with bass throwing tricks. With each member being a veteran to performing, you can expect tight transitions and an overwhelming stage presence. Every member of Seasons strives to put on a memorable performance to thrill the crowd.

We sat down with drummer Randall Sykes to as him a few questions about the band and what is on the Horizon for the band…

  1. Tell us a little bit about the band and how long you have been together for some of our readers that may not know about the band?

Randall Sykes: First of all thanks so much for having us for this interview! We have been a band since 2017. The band was founded by original members Matt Poe and Matt Gregory. This band is compiled of 5 extremely driven musicians and friends named Matt Poe, Nick Keller, Randall Sykes, Mark Spivey and Kent Stewart.

  1. What is new with the band?.New Album out? New Videos?

Randall Sykes: Just released is our music video for our single VIOLENCE IS A VIRTUE! It’s about dealing with anxiety and depression and being able to release all those feelings at concerts to finally feel normal! We also have multiple other songs coming out this year that we are stoked about!

  1. With all this madness going on with the virus…What do you think the music scene will be like in the future…and how are you prepared to make your music heard if
    there will not be any concerts or festivals for the year of 2020?

Randall Sykes: We believe that because of this virus, the music scene will only become even stronger. This is due to everyone that loves music going stir crazy in their houses. We all know that concert addicts are feening for live shows again so we bet the venues will be packed once again! As for making ourselves heard, we are constantly doing Facebook live videos for our friends and fans! Wether it is live performances, funny videos, or just talking to our fans we love making videos to interact with people!

  1. What got you into music and what is your earliest memory of when you told yourself…”THIS IS WHAT I WANT”?

Randall Sykes: I can only speak for myself with this question, but what got me into music was listening to classical rock with my family and singing the songs in the car. When I knew I wanted to play music was when I first heard my all time favorite band AC/DC! Love at first listen lol!

  1. Who was your first concert and what is your best memory?

Randall Sykes: This is totally off the wall from what I listen to now, but my first concert was Travis Tritt. My family was all about country music!

  1. If you didn’t become a musician, what would you be doing right now?

Randall Sykes: Well this is funny because I am doing two things I love right now. I am a drummer for a bad ass band and I am also a police officer. If I was doing anything if I had no musical talent it would definitely be law enforcement so I’m glad I get to do both now!

  1. On a scale of 1 to 2593, How good is your newest single compared to your last
    single? (my attempt at humor, but please still answer)

Randall Sykes: So our last single was HIGH FIVES AND HAND GRENADES! That was around 2,333! Our new single, VIOLENCE IS A VIRTUE is in my opinion better. I would give VIAV a 2,500. The reason I don’t give it a perfect 2,593 is because there is always another song that will be made by us that will tower over the last song. With every new song we release we get better!

  1. What do you feel is the best song you have released to date and why?.

Randall Sykes: It would definitely be VIAV! The reason why is the structure of the song. We have singing, screaming, chorus, fast breakdown, slow breakdown and even super slow dirty breakdown! Just a beast of a track in my opinion!

  1. Do you think you can get any better as a musician/singer? And if so, How would
    you achieve that?

Randall Sykes: There is always room and a need to improve. I am always striving to get better! In my opinion I am a decent drummer, definitely not a great drummer but I will get there with more time and hard work and dedication. I’m never fully happy with my skills, there is always something I can do better or improve, but I love thinking about it that way! Makes me strive to work even harder.

  1. If you could give your fans one random fact about you that you think they should
    (or should “not” know) about you what would that be?

Randall Sykes: I am the definition of a goof ball. It is virtually impossible to have a serious conversation with me because I am a special character!

  1. You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Randall Sykes: Well this is a controversial question because I am a Marine so I would just eat all of the crayons! But if I had to pick my favorite color to eat it would be GREEN!

  1. Who are you inspired by?

Randall Sykes: As a musician I am inspired by the band Wage War because everything they put out is fire! As a person I am inspired by my mother because she is amazing. She raised me and my brother by herself! Super woman!

  1. What’s an average day like on tour? and what about these days?

Randall Sykes: Although we haven’t been on many tours, the few we have been on have been awesome. Average day on tour is trying to relax before the show and then psych each other up before we go on stage. Also a good thing to note is learning how to deal with getting certain band members to load the gear in and out of the venues. I will not name the names but you know who you are WINK WINK!

  1. Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans?

Randall Sykes: As a band, we do most all of our interactions with our fans through Facebook and other social media platforms. We live making videos and having Facebook live chats with our friends and fans! Without them we would be nothing. At shows we are extremely personable and easy to talk to. We also love feedback wether it’s negative or positive!

  1. Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

Randall Sykes: Yes I have! The most I’ve experienced was my first live show. I felt like I was gonna explode from anxiety! As of now, I get a little anxiety but the excitement and motivation outweigh any other feeling. Being on stage now is like a kid being in Toys R Us! It’s my passion.

  1. Tell me about your favorite performance venues?

Randall Sykes: My favorite performance venue as of now is Another Round Bar in Virginia! The reason why is the owners there treat us like family! They are amazing and really good down to earth people! The sound is surprisingly bad ass in there too! A venue I have always wanted to play is The National in Richmond Virginia! Maybe someday that will be a reality!

  1. What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Randall Sykes: Most definitely keep at it! Don’t give up and don’t listen to the haters! There will be haters and negativity. Those people are just jealous or unhappy with their own lives wether they admit it or not. DO NOT GIVE UP and KEEP PRACTICING!!! Practice is key and being patient. Greatness is not easy!

Much love and stay METAL \m//
Randall Sykes

Richmond, VA Metalcore band SEASONS has released the official music video for “Violence Is a Virtue.” Directed by Hive Minds Media, “Violence Is a Virtue” was filmed at Another Round Bar & Grill Through the music, and evident in the chorus of “this is my way of letting go,” Seasons continues to remind listeners that creativity and artistry are at the forefront. This idea is further shown when people come to their shows, watch them live, and hang out with them afterwards. This is what they live for.

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