Texan transplants Symphonic Metal band Tulip is originally from Canada is poised to have their impact on the scene

Formed during September 2018. Their sound is a fit as to other symphonic metal and metal, hard rock bands like: Within Temptation, Nightwish, Xandia, Kobra And The Lotus, Siernia and Visionactica.

The band is singer Ashleigh Semkiw, Colin Parrish on bass, Brandon White on guitar and Ryan Clayton on drums. They released their debut album on April 4, 2020.

Colin talks briefly about the band and plans for performing.

IMM:  Good talk to you. First how did the band meet during September 2018?

Colin:  Correct the band formed during September 2018. Ashleigh and I known each other for years because were married.(Laughter). She came from the classical world as a opera singer and retired. She sang professionally for about a decade across Europe and the U.S., so accomplished in that regard.

I played in some metal bands nothing noteworthy but a lot experience writing and recording and all that kind of stuff. So when we met it was obvious to me right away she be a good fit to sing a metal band. She had no experience sing metal but we fix that pretty quickly. I positioned it with her that metal is the angry version cousin of Hip-hop, that contemporary stuff is very groovy and poly rhythm and she kind of like that. Then through Melissa Cross Vocal Studio a local voice coach we found Brandon for second guitar player who playing with band called Pony at the time. And through a friend of friend we got in touch in with Ryan who is our drummer.  And we’re all friends and spend a lot of time together and have been a good fit for us.

IMM:  When was the debut album “High Strangeness” released?

Colin: It was released on April 4, 2020. It has been getting some good reviews. It would be nice on tour and scheduled to be at Europe for a month opening with Tarja Turnen (ex Nightwish) so of course that has been cancelled or postpone until March 2021.

IMM: Is this the first album the band has released and what label?

Colin: Yes, and is self released with twelve tracks and 3 are interludes. It is self released and we released a EP during September 2018 with some covers just for fun.  

IMM: Are their plans for the band performed at some U. S. venues?

Colin: Yep. We are on tour last summer 2019 with the band Evergrey from Sweden, across the West coast through the Rockies to Texas. We were working on something for October and November for a similar tour along the west coast to the middle of the country for two Midwestern dates. It has been put on hold due to the Cornavirus. But if there is some kind of normalcy by late fall it might it is possible it might happen. 

We talked to out booking agent and she said very venue on planet earth has a lineup of bands to get booked for the fall. And the major artists want to recoup their front cost and to get that re-booked for the fall. Or gets bumped and gets a snowball effect of the cancellations.

AS of now we don’t anything booked for the fall but we are working on it.

IMM:  And did the name Tulip become the name for the band?

Colin:  The name is from a religious community Ashleigh and I grew up in. We grew up as fundamentalist evangelicals.  And in that there is an acronym that they use to remember the theological tenants of the saint which is Tulip. So we took that acronym and lend its self to get good lyrical content and a bunch of things to transpire on the first record /EP. It became a bit of a critique let’s say of the religion and where we came from. We don’t consider ourselves Christians anymore and the name stuck and for a female fronted band it sounds flowery but has edge bite to it from where it came from.

IMM: It was good talking to you and enjoys the band’s music and many shows across the U.S. and Europe. And Eventually to Japan and Latin America

Colin:  Thanks and look forward to performing soon as we can


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