SOFIA Releases New Single “Closer”

Brazilian-bred, Los Angeles-based alternative rock trio SOFIA has released their new single “Closer” along with the official visual for the emotional track. Set against a steady drumbeat and spacey guitars, “Closer” tells the story of someone on the verge of giving up on the relationship because their partner seems to enjoy the chaos that comes from confrontation more than being happy and at peace with the relationship itself. PRESS HERE to stream/download. “Closer” and previous single “Coconut” are the introductory tracks off SOFIA’s debut independent EP Stories For The Sleepless, due out June 24th.  

Stories For The Sleepless EP cover

The visual for “Closer” is the latest installment in SOFIA’s 6-part series of short films accompanying the songs on Stories For The SleeplessThe continuous visual narrative, filmed in Los Angeles and directed by the band’s vocalist/bassist Leonardo Bomeny with his production company Salt Karamel, tells the story of its two main characters B and Tala. PRESS HERE to watch the video, which first premiered with Ground Sounds.

“As the story continues, Tala opens up about her past,” shares the band. “We chose not to have the vocals singing the lyrics in this film so that we could focus on the story Tala is telling B. We want to gradually take the audience into the world of the characters and in order to achieve that, in this part of the story, the only voice that should be heard is Tala’s.” PRESS HERE to watch the introductory video for “Coconut” and PRESS HERE to listen to the song on DSPs. Elegant guitar, hyperactive bass, sweeping soundscapes, airy synthesizers, plainspoken lyrics, energetic drums and hypnotic harmonies open up SOFIA’s first chapter with expressive, yet expansive transmissions of alternative rock. Comprised of Alex Novaes [guitar], Leo Bomeny [vocals, bass], and Bruno Lamas [drums], the group’s original music is inspired by bedtime stories, fairytales, science fiction and fantasies with the hope that the stories and characters woven throughout give the listener a sense of belonging and acceptance. Their name SOFIA was even chosen after scanning mythology books with the desire “to create a character the music could represent.” The trio draws on diverse influences ranging from Tame Impala, Muse, Mutemath, and Pink Floyd to Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Twenty One Pilots, and even soundtracks like The Lord of the Rings in their music. Crafting a singular sound, they combined succinct storytelling and artful instrumentation to yield the concept behind Stories For The Sleepless.

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