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Internet Deathcore Band Writes Trapt Song in 24 Hours
The Quarantined challenges Trapt with new single

Nu metal one hit wonder Trapt may have warned us in their 2002 hit that they were “headstrong to take on anyone”; but they have proven yet again that is not just a lyric in their song. While quiet on the Billboard charts, the band has been very vocal on social media and in their latest tyrant, they’ve been not only spouting their political views but attacking bands and fans alike. Recently tweeting that “all metal bands are generic”, internet deathcore band The Quarantined took that as a challenge to create a nu metal song in 24 hours

With the global pandemic happening with Covid-19 and millions of people currently staying home; Nate Blasdell (I Set My Friends on Fire) and Alex Sayti (Shoot The Girl First) have used this as an opportunity to challenge themselves to create a new song every day via Chugcore. The latest single, “We Wrote a Nu-metal Song to Prove to Trapt that We’re Capable of Writing Their Music (featuring Dream and Logan Adams)”, is in response to Trapt’s tweet and Blasdell has since challenged the band to create a deathcore track to which if the band succeeds, he will get a Trapt tattoo (no response from Trapt yet). Blasdell shared, “I don’t really understand the point of taking on a whole genre but i guess if you’re headstrong, you have something to prove. I think metal musicians are often belittled on their talent so we just wanted to prove a point. Normally, I would never go out of my way to start beef with another band, but Trapt has just dug their own grave at this point.”

The Quarantined will continue to release new music every day as Blasdell shared the inspiration behind the project, “Since i’m a middle school teacher and Alex works at the mall, our jobs were one of the first that was told to stay home. After sitting around for a day or two, we decided to take on this challenge and try to give people something to look forward to every day. To be honest, even though this band will be over when the quarantine is done, we’ve had an absolute blast so far.”

Follow the band on social media:

Instagram: @The QuarantinedChallenge

Twitter: @QRNTND

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