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The Gutter Daisies Poke at Society in New Track "American Pie"

The Gutter Daisies Poke at Society in New Track "American Pie"

LA-Based TrioThe Gutter DaisiesRelease New Single”American Pie”_____
A Wake-Up Call, Poking at Society as Well as the State of Our Nation’s Leadership That Seems to Be Fast Asleep at the Wheel
LA-based band The Gutter Daisies released “American Pie“, their second single of 2020, out everywhere today.
[The track] covers topics like depression and anxiety, the disconnect from connecting to social media, gun violence in schools, and how the people that can help just look the other way as if it‘s just an over-exaggerated false reality“, explains singer Doug Rockwell. “It’s all become too normal, while we advertise ourselves as the best place on earth. ‘Come on down, we know you’re just dying to try the ol’ American Pie!‘”_____
Due to COVID-19, all shows have been placed on hold and are due to be rescheduled. For the time being, The Gutter Daisies will be shifting their focus to provide entertaining and engaging content on digital platforms such as TikTok and IGTV. Follow the band to stay up to date and please stay safe out there!
Stream “American Pie” here.
More About The Gutter Daisies
The Gutter Daisies are a 3 piece rock band hailing from Los Angeles, California. Spearheaded by award-winning songwriter Doug Rockwell, who has penned songs for major label pop and rock acts as well as hit TV shows. The band was originally formed as an escape from pop politics – a longing to reunite with the angst and real emotion of music that now seems as if it were banished from the craft. Teamed with bassist and touring veteran Miles Franco, and drummer and former band mate from various other projects, Mike Diggs, this isn’t the trio’s first rodeo. Their influences cascade from bands like The Hives and The Vines, to 90’s rock acts such as Nirvana, Green Day, Refused and Weezer. The Gutter Daisies’ energetic live performances tell all, showing the crowd within moments that they’re a monster on a mission. 
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