Weedeater live @ The Middle East in Boston.

Even on a painfully cold day in Boston there is always something to do. I braved the weather with other die hard rockers and headed to The Middle East to see Weedeater live.

This is my first time seeing the band live but I did my research before and dove into the world of Spotify to see what I had in store for myself. Weedeater is a stoner/sludge rock band out of North Carolina, they make an art out of pushing their amps past their breaking point and creating that “fuzz” that their fans love so much. The drum kit was set up front and center and one fan yelled out “move it close” jokingly because any closer and it would fall off the stage. My only guess for it being so close is the drummer Travis “T-Boogie” Owen didn’t want to miss out on all the fun up front and the energy they would give off. “Dixie” Dave Collins entertained the crowd as they were sound checking by playing a weird “Russian Roulette” game and spinning a bottle of Jim Beam in his hand and if it faced the crowd he would take a shot.

They jumped right into their set as T-Boogie laid out some hard beats on the drums and Dave “Shep” Shepherd kept it mean on the guitar with his intense riffs. Weedeater delivers heavy beats and intense high energy tunes which is to be expected of their shows. Dixie’s screaming vocals is more of a whiskey soaked howl with his scruffy voice, as he lures you in with his devilish grin. The small venue could barely contain the hard core energy as the crowd head banged to the tunes and the first mosh pit of the night broke out.

The crowd got a bit violent and with no actual photo pit the other photographers and I were trying to brace for impact with every shot. Weedeater really delivers when it comes to sludge rock and they bring the energy in their live show, it is easy to see why they have such a following. 

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