The Harp Twins Camille and Kennerly talk about their new album ICEBORN and PBS special Celtic Heart

IMM: Hi Camille and Kennerly, happy to talk to you again. Wow! It’s been two years since we last spoke. Just want to catch up for this year plans. Are you going to be releasing a new album with covers and original songs? Also your performances are fun and enjoyable.

Camille: Thanks so much! We’re thrilled to have just released our very first all original album, ICEBORN just this past week! It’s currently available through streaming and digital download sites under our artist name, “Camille and Kennerly”, and later in March it will be available as a physical album.

Kennerly: It’s a Nordic Fantasy themed album. Every song was completely written and performed by us with just our harps and voices. It was especially fun to write so many fantastical stories. We’ve always loved storytelling, and lyric writing is so fun and rewarding. We’re so proud of how ICEBORN turned out!

IMM: What I I’ve been wanting to ask you since seeing and listening to“Kid ar an Sliabh” or “Kid on the Mountain” for the PBS Special “Celtic Heart” with violinist dynamo Mairead Nesbitt (ex Celtic Woman), Lynn Hillary (ex Celtic Woman) and Eimear McGeown. Who contacted who to record the music together and where was the video recorded?

Camille: We were contacted directly by the composer. He asked us to record harps as part of the PBS special! We filmed in Maine. It was definitely an interesting and unique experience! We loved working with the other soloists. It was an honor to be the only non-Irish soloists for this Celtic PBS special!

IMM: From what I read on You Tube for this video that Celtic Heart is supposed to air on PBS sometime this year. Do you know when?

Kennerly: We’re not sure of all of the airing dates! We’ve been pretty preoccupied with the release of our original album, ICEBORN, as well as another fun project that we’re currently in Iowa for. We can’t reveal information about the project yet, but it’s definitely unique and fun!

IMM: Possible to record more music and maybe perform with them in the future?

Camille: We’re always open to new opportunities, so who knows?!

IMM: The other videos you recorded were at various locations across the U.S. Such as Guns And Roses Sweet Child O Mine recorded in a prairie grassland location. Metallica’s Nothing

Else Matters recorded at Utah, AC/DC Highway to Hell record in Death Valley. And some recorded at the UK?

Kennerly: We have filmed over 100 music videos across the United States… filmed by our mom and edited by us! We filmed 2 videos while on tour in the UK: “Legend of the Shaders” (and original song) and “In the Hall of the Mountain King”.

Camille: We work really hard to find the perfect locations for each video. We plan way ahead so that we can film when we’re traveling through an area for performances. Now that we have support of our music videos through Patreon (, we can sometimes even stay and extra day or two at a cool location in order to film a music video. We love having video locations that creatively tell part of the story that we want to convey with a song.

IMM: This year you’re back performing across the U.S. How many shows and to travel to other countries?

Camille: Oh goodness, we’re not sure how many shows we’ll be performing this year, but it looks like we will be immensely busy! We have a lot of shows that we have yet to announce – including touring to some states that we’ve never before performed in!

IMM: Also offers to record with any of the bands who songs you play and/or performances?

Kennerly: We would love to perform with any of the bands or artists that we’ve covered! We regularly receive collaboration requests from other artists and we love doing collabs when our schedule allows. We’re currently a full-time touring and recording harp duo, so that occupies much of our time. However, it’s always fun to explore new opportunities.

IMM: To add on new music topic. Have there been talks about releasing a DVD of your music videos including performances, and other “behind the scenes footage”?

Camille: Creating a music video DVD is a frequent request from our listeners. Now that we have an all-original album, it’s possible that we’ll do that in the future! We have a behind-the-scenes YouTube channel, “Harp Twins Happenings”, where we release fun BTS, bloopers, vlogs, live performance videos, etc!

IMM:  When you have time you still training with martial arts (Tae Kwon Do), rifle shooting, horseback riding and signing with Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing social gatherings?

Camille: Because we need to protect our hands, etc., we don’t teach or compete in Tae Kwon Do anymore. However, we love training ourselves for fun. We enjoy target shooting, signing, and horseback riding, but don’t have the opportunity to do those nearly as much as we would like!

IMM: Have been asked to teach the harp at schools (elementary, Jr. High, High school and college class?

Kennerly: Our college pedagogy professor said that we would make wonderful teachers and we really enjoyed a semester at our University when we taught harp to Music Conservatory students who played other instruments! However, our passion is performing and sharing our music with the world! Our major at our University Conservatory of Music

was Harp Performance. We have done some master classes at Harp Festivals in South America, which was a lot of fun.

Camille: Perhaps someday we’ll create online courses or something of the like. In the meantime, we love performing at schools of all kinds while touring. It’s very rewarding to share our unique instrument, talk about our careers, how the instrument works, and have a positive impact on young, inquisitive minds.

IMM: Thanks your time and always a pleasure to talk to you and the music perform and other activities.

Camille: Thanks so much for the fun interview!

Kennerly: Yes! Hopefully we’ll not have to wait two years until the next one!

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