Last In Line Andrew Freeman, Vivian Campbell, Phil Soussan and Vinny Appice Lay Down Some Rock 'n Roll history In The Great State Of Florida At Club LA

Fans of Rock n’ Roll graced Club L.A. in Destin Florida on February 22, 2020. Their presence was in anticipation for a night of memories being brought back to life and in hope’s of new memories being forged for the rock gods to bare witness while Last In Line took the stage.

Now we all know that Last in Line originated as a tribute band with two original band members, Vinny Appice and Vivian Campbell from the legendary rock group Dio. But in my humble opinion, Last in Line is anything but a typical tribute band. While they did play some of Dio’s greatest hits to include “Holy Diver” and “Rainbow in the Dark” they also played many of their own songs that they have written and recorded such as “Blackout the Sun“, “Landslide“, “The light” and “Give up the Ghost” just to name a few.

As the doors opened at 7:00pm sharp,  patrons from all surrounding states began to file in one by one to bare witness to Andrew Freeman, Vivian Campbell, Phil Soussan and Vinny Appice lay down some Rock ‘n Roll history in the great state of Florida.

This crowd was not that accumulated from a past tense, has been band, a typical tribute band or otherwise underwhelming terminologies. These fans were there waiting for an itch to be scratched by awesome seasoned artists with some kick ass guitar riffs in between. They knew what they wanted and they knew where to get it.

They knew what they wanted and they knew where to get it.

When Last in Line approached the stage the first song out of the gate to be heard was “Landslide“, it was at that very moment when anticipation for a good show became reality for a great show.

The howls and screams were the reaction to the moment that Andrew Freeman opened his mouth. This man definitely is putting his god given talent to use. Andrew belt’s out every note seemingly effortlessly with a quality that can’t be matched in this day and age. He seems to be bringing that nostalgic sound back to Rock ‘n Roll that we tend to search for but almost never find. We certainly found it tonight!!!

Review and Photos By Katie Urr

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