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Death/Grind Masters GRAVESLAVE Unleash Aural Assault in New Guitar Playthrough Video

Death/Grind Masters GRAVESLAVE Unleash Aural Assault in New Guitar Playthrough Video

GRAVESLAVE has unleashed a new guitar playthrough video for the song “Grotesque Hybrid,” taken from the Minneapolis-based death/grind stalwarts’ upcoming EP, Devotion, available March 6 via Trvasfuk Music.

Watch guitarist/songwriter Roman Non shred his way through the two-and-a-half-minute song, exclusively via PureGrainAudio at

“This is my personal fav on the record,” Non says. “The whole song is so fun to play, especially the solo.”

GRAVESLAVE’s Devotion is the first of two “sister” EPs, featuring five tracks of razor-sharp riffs and blindingly fast drum work, blending elements of death metal, thrash and grind. Each of the EP’s tracks were inspired by the cult card game Magic: The Gathering.

The EP is available for pre-order at

Also check out the riotous new video for the first single from Devotion, “God of Slaughter,” at

GRAVESLAVE will celebrate the release of Devotion with a hometown release party on May 3 with Micawber and Gorgatron at Whiskey Junction.

Founded in 2014, Graveslave has been on the grind since inception. The group was formed by Non, drummer Ben Fagerness (Gloryhole Guillotine) and bassist Josh Burke, whom all share a mutual love for gutturals and blast beats. From humble beginnings at local Twin Cities shows and DIY tours all the way to trekking across Europe in support of Origin, Rings of Saturn, and Hideous Divinity, GRAVESLAVE kept consistently active, also releasing two EPs and a single, until the untimely death of vocalist and key member Don “Doombringer” Durkee in 2019. After a brief hiatus, the group began quietly rebuilding and recuperating. After adding new vocalist Ashton George and guitarist Joel Sigsbee (Oklahoma Caddyshack), GRAVESLAVE began putting finishing touches on Devotion, a record that now bridges two distinct eras of the band.

Ashton George – Lead Vocals
Roman Non – Guitar, Vocals
Joel Sigsbee – Guitar, Vocals
Josh Burke – Bass
Ben Fagerness – Drums


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