BURNING WITCHES will release their third studio album Dance With The Devil onto the world on March 6, 2020 via Nuclear Blast Records.

 The band is based at Brugg, Switzerland. The group was founded in 2015 by Romana (guitars) and long time friend Jeanine Grob (bass) from Brugg, Switzerland. The members are: Laura (vocals) and Sonia (guitars) are from Holland. Jay on (bass) and Lala (drums) from Brugg, Switzerland. Their sound is of the 80’s hard rock /metal.

IMM: Good to talk to you ladies. The first question is for the band’s name taken from Warlock’s album titled Burning The Witches? Also Sweden has huge metal scene that North America is currently being aware of.

Lala: Our Band name is nothing to do with Warlock Album. We cannot think about any other name that will fit for us. We are just a bunch of crazy girls that are ready to burn in metal that’s why we called ourselves Burning Witches“.

Switzerland is a small country but we are keeping the metal scene alive. People are supporting each other and we know most of them every time we come to a concert. There are great bands here like Gomorra (Heavy Metal/power), Comaniac (Thrash), Poltergeist (Heavy/Thrash), Gurd (Thrash/Hardcore) and many more.

IMM: Since releasing your first album during 2017 you also have been playing to large crowds at festivals across Europe. That you didn’t expect it that fast and be signed to a record label?

Lala: We did not expect that we will reach this stage in our metal journey. We just love what we are doing and make songs of our own. We got signed in nuclear blast after 2 years and that’s a big bonus for us because Nuclear Blast takes care of their bands and making sure that they have enough exposure like playing in different cities or festivals with big crowd which is fun to us. We are grateful being a part of Nuclear Blast Family.

We thought that we had a good start. Our demo (2016) with 2 songs which only have 666 copies was sold out and was also being recognized as demo of the month in 2 big magazine  called metal hammer and rock hard. The first album “Burning Witches” attracts attention to the metal world. I guess we did something good which leads us where we are now. All this hard work has paid off. We are so fortunate having our metal family like Schmier (Destruction) and Damir (Destruction/Gomorra). It would not be possible without them. Because as a new band, you need a person who knows and have long experience in this metal world to guide you in the steps you make. Now, we are on our 3rd album, “Dance with the Devil” that will be released on 6th of March. It’s so unbelievable for all of us.

IMM: On the new album how many songs are on it and why Ken Kelly for the artwork on this album?

Lala: “Dance with the Devil” composed of 12 Songs including our song cover “Battle Hymn” from Manowar. Album artwork was made by amazing Hungarian artist Gyula and also with the help of Damir Eskic of Destruction and Gomorra. Even before we had the album title, we knew that we wanted a cover design in the style of Ken Kelly, who did the legendary KISS, RAINBOW & MANOWAR covers. Our vision was to show the BURNING WITCHES, larger than life, in this fantasy art style and with a special female touch. We love to work with  Gyula and told him about our plan and he basically realized our dream of a very eye catching & energetic cover design. We hope our fans will enjoy it as much as we do.

IMM: What is the first song / video to be released?

Lala: “Sea of Lies” was released as an official visualize in YouTube and “Dance with the Devil” is also now available to watch also in YouTube as our official music video. We are so thankful for all the positive comments from the people who saw it. You guys rule!

 IMM:  During December the EP Wings Of Steel was released with 4 songs:. Wings Of Steel,Executed (Live at Wacken Open Air 2019),. Open Your Mind (Live at Wacken Open Air 2019) and “Hexenhammer” (Live at Wacken Open Air 2019). To give the fans something while waiting the release for the new album?

Lala: Our sole purpose of releasing the “Wings of Steel” EP is to give an idea to our fans how we sound with our new witch, Laura on vocals. Since we lost our old singer, people are too curious about Laura. This EP proves that Laura did an amazing job. She truly fits in our music style because she has this melodic and aggressive voice which is one of the qualifications in heavy metal music for a singer. We also included the 3 live songs from Wacken Festival because playing there was a great experience and so special for all of us.

 IMM: On the new album tell us what some of the songs are about? How many months did it take to record the album?

Lala: We already had a least 4-5 songs after we released “Hexenhammer” album. So, it doesn’t take much time for us complete the album because Romana, our song writer has a lot of ideas. In fact, she has now new material which I’ve heard and it sounds amazing.

“Wings of steel” is a speed metal style with melodic catchy chorus that you can sing along with. Lyrically deals about the Burning Witches riding in the wings of steel together strong and will face all these thunder through the skies.

“Dance with the Devil“has a 80s hard rock video that also catchy enough to attract attention to your ears. Lyrically it deals about the famous “Walpurgis Night” where the witches gather in the Brocken Mountain and at their peak of their power. 

“Sea of Lies” is a beautiful melodic song and have combination of slow and fast tempo. Lyrically deals about how a Liar can easily manipulate an innocent soul to unconsciously be drown to his lies.

 IMM: Who are some of influences for the instruments, singing and song writing?

Lala: Our main influences as a Band are Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Manowar. Perhaps you can hear some of those vibes in some of our songs. But we are also listening to other things from Jazz to extreme metal. 

 IMM: Who is the main song writer?

Lala: Romana makes all the songs since the beginning. Her ideas are limitless when it comes to song writing. Laura is writing all the lyrics. Her aggressive melodic voice truly add spice to our music. It’s like a perfect combo.

IMM:  The idea for Dance With The Devil is inspired by the famous Walspurgis Night. Explain what that is?

Lala: Walpurgis Night is the eve of the Christian feast day of Saint Walpurga. They are praying and lighting bonfires to protect themselves against witchcraft. In the middle ages, the witches gather in the mountain where at their peak of their power also the same day. We thought this magic showdown on the Brocken mountain symbolically stands for strength and the friendship of the band, that’s why “Dance with the Devil” is the perfect title for the new album.

 IMM: Who are you main musical influences?

Laura: There are a lot of musicians I like but here are a few: Alice Cooper; I love the whole show, best show I’ve seen at Graspop 2015. Noora Louhimo; she has a Indestructible powerful voice.

Sia; Love the songs she comes up with and the tone of her voice. Lady Gaga is so dramatic. I love how she keeps developing and reinventing herself.

Romana : I admire Damir Eskic ( Destruction, Gomorra) for his fast technically in doing solos. I’m his number 1 fan. John Schaffer (Iced Earth) for me is the best rhythm guitarist. I also like how Van Halen and Jimmy Hendrix guitar playing style. 

Sonia:  I have a huge admiration for many bands and musicians, but my all time favourite musicians are: Tony Macalpine, Blackie Lawless, Gene Simmons, Marty Friedman, George Lynch, Terrance Hobbs, Yngwie Malmsteen and David Davidson. Why? Because Tony Macalpine’s melodies sound like the stars in the sky (if they made sound ha-ha), Blackie Lawless and Gene Simmons are performance-wise out of this world, and David Davidson’s songwriting always amazes me; so tasty and raging! So many more reasons for any of them for sure!

Jay : Destruction, Gomorra, Altas & Axis, Exodus, Iron Maiden. These Bands are my greatest influence and the reason why i listen and play metal music.

Lala: Ken Owen ( Carcass),Dave Lombardo(Slayer), Ventor Reil (Kreator), Tom Hunting(Exodus) and John Bonham( Led Zeppelin). I like their drumming style and they are my greatest influence. If its not from them, I will not be able to be interested in playing drums. 

 IMM:  I won’t be surprise when you get to perform at North America. Also music cruises are popular at North America and Europe. Has the group been asked to perform on any of these cruises like 70,000 Tons Of Metal, Sabaton Cruise and Monsters Of Rock Cruise?

Lala: Not yet, but it would be awesome to play in these kind of festival and cruises. But We will play in Sabaton open on 5th of August and we are looking forward to it. We also have a couple of shows in Great Britain starting on 13th of March to the 20th to support our new album „Dance with the Devil“. Our European Tour with Ross the Boss will start in Bochum Germany on the 1st of April and will end up on 26th of April in Portugal. Hopefully to see some familiar faces during this time. 

 IMM: Thanks for your time and hope you get to perform at North America.

Lala: Thanks a lot for having us in your interview. Hopefully we can come and play in North America someday. We want to thank all the people that support us through all these years. Keep it burning folks. Stay heavy!


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