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Live Review~ House of Vans Throws One Hell Of A Party For Heavy Metal Fans With A Deep Love For Lamb of God!!

Live Review~ House of Vans Throws One Hell Of A Party For Heavy Metal Fans With A Deep Love For Lamb of God!!

If you were looking to feel loved on Valentine’s Day, House of Vans was throwing one hell of a party for heavy metal fans with a deep love for Lamb of God.  LOG enthusiast started lining up in the frigid Chicago weather as early as 10 am for the free event. Despite the painfully cold weather fans were in great spirits, eager to catch a glimpse of metal legend Randy Blythe.  Screams of “F*ckin Slayer” echoed through the streets as metal lovers from all over the Midwest mingled.

The doors of one of the raddest venues I’ve experienced opened to reveal Chicago’s premier skate park reconfigured with a center stage. Windy City natives, Harms Way, kicked off the show with an exuberant mixture of punk, metal and industrial hardcore music.  

The crowd was amped and the venue was serving plenty of free beer.  (Yes, I said FREE) Fans opened the mosh pit in excitement for the Virginia-based metal legends.  A spectacular photography art exhibit representing the songs and inspiration for Lamb of God’s new self-titled album was beautifully displayed adjacent to the stage, featuring original pieces by Blythe, himself.   The latest album has a strong emphasis on current American politics. He wanted this album to represent how bad things are becoming while pointing out that none of it is related to our sitting president. A striking photo portrayed a child wearing a sign reading, “My classroom should not be a crime scene”.  It represents the upcoming album’s song “Reality Bath,” a commentary on gun and climate politics.

Starting the set with 2012 original, “Laid to Rest,” Blythe hit the stage with a captivating and intense stage presence showcased with pure reckless abandon, showering a barrage of sweat with every flip of his dreads.  The band followed suit with an earth-crushing rumble that drove every song straight home. As the crowd’s reaction intensified and the mosh pit grew, I found myself excited because I had the chance to showcase a group of artists that have truly honed the craft of metal. 

 They ended the  set with “Redneck” from the 2006 album “Sacrament.”  Lamb of God’s performance was the only invitation I ever needed to feel the love of the metal music scene.

Lamb of God’s upcoming self-titled album drops on May 8.   The tour kicks off March 27 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Photos and review by Amanda Wilson

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