Vystar Veteran's Memorial Arena Brings Jason Aldean and His "WE BACK TOUR 2020" To Jacksonville FL On February 1, 2020.

Vystar Veteran's Memorial Arena Brings Jason Aldean and His "WE BACK TOUR 2020" To Jacksonville FL On February 1, 2020.

I found my way to my seat and watched the crowd slowly pour in. Cowboy hats and boots, blue jeans and mini skirts, Baseball caps and flannel shirts was the chosen attire for the night. 

I’m sorry Loretta Lynn but country music is alive and well! Although it may not be your country but the roots of country thrive. Country music is certainly not dead! 

During Jason Aldean‘s performance of country, southern rock and a bit of hard rock, he encourages his fans to sing along with him. During many of his songs, the fans became the performers as they over sang Jason.

Behind the band was a huge screen flanked by 2 smaller screens. All depicting a constant flow of old towns, open fields, old trucks and tractors. Jason and his band are full throttle high energy performers, the guitars were constantly being switched out with some killer riffs in between. Jason’s band members include Rich Redmond, Curt Allison, Tully Kennedy, Jack Sizemore and Jay Jackson.

Jason played 2 songs “We Back” and “The Dirt We Were Raised On“, off his new album “9” which was released in November 2019, along with all of his #1 hits including “You Make It Easy“, “Dirt Road Anthem” and “Old Bar Stool” to mention just a few. Coming to what we thought was close to the end of the evening, Jason called “Bullshit” on encores. His line up is straight forward and he doesn’t make you beg for more. As Jason put it “We’ll give you everything we’ve got until there is nothing left”. He held up to that and played 90 straight minutes of all his best work and didn’t stop until there was nothing left.

Morgan Wallen did he warming up for Jason. Morgan stated that “Jacksonville was his biggest venue to date”.Morgan’s line up included Whiskey Glasses, This Bar and Heartless. Morgan was taken very well as the crowd went a little crazy when he stepped out on the stage. Keep an eye on this guy – I’m pretty sure he will headlining his own shows in no time. Between sets Dee Jay Silver entertained the crowd with mixes from the Village People to Katy Perry to Bon Jovi. It really is an amazing thing to hear 20,000 people singing “Living on a Prayer” from Bon Jovi as loud as they can. 

The first performer was Riley Green. Riley put on a great performance that included two songs, “I wish grandpa’s never died” and “There was this girl” that appeared to be the crowds favorites.

This by far is the best country concert that I have been to. 

Morgan Wallen & Riley Green

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