EPICENTER Drops New Single (with VIDEO) "Counterweight" on Metal Injection

EPICENTER Drops New Single (with VIDEO) “Counterweight” on Metal Injection
Warning: This isn’t your father’s Thrash Metal. EPICENTER is a modern thrash metal band that is taking a slightly different approach to the game. They’re based out of Southern New Hampshire and have become a dominant force in the metal community. They like to take the familiar Thrash Metal sound and inject flavors of Jazz, Funk, Hardcore, Prog and more. 
Speaking of injections, EPICENTER dropped their new single and video “Counterweight” on Metal Injection today. Check out the full article here.
EPICENTER‘s Ryan Burke told Metal Injection, “We’re always experimenting with ways to twist and bend a Thrash Metal foundation into a new shapes, usually by fusing it with surprising vibes from other musical spaces. With Counterweight, we wanted to merge our passion for mathy, rhythmic complexity with the raw passion and crust of Thrash and Death Metal. We’ve had songs with moments of Thrash followed by moments of groove, but we haven’t really tried to combine them into simultaneous moments until now. It just seemed to ooze this weird chaotic energy once it came together, and I think that’s super fun and interesting.”
EPICENTER has already toured the US and played countless shows, but they’re not stopping now. Check out their upcoming dates below and watch the new video for “Counterweight” below to get a preview of the savage energy you’ll see on tour. 
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