Live Review ~ Devon Gilfillian Soulful Sound Rings Through The Majestic Florida Theatre!

Live Review ~ Devon Gilfillian Brings The Soul To The Florida Theatre

It isn’t shocking that the opener for Grace Potter would have a sound original, and all his own. Just as Grace, Devon finds and paves his own sound switching from R & B, soul, a Little Rock, and some blues. He held nothing back as he performed for the crowd at The Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, Fl on January 20. He engaged with them, and showed them how powerful and soothing his voice can be! Right away you can tell he was raised on a slew of styles of music as he busts out the electric guitar, and then he will transition back to a voice with such should and finesse, and you find yourself thinking he was part of the Temptations.

In a world where so many of us are fighting our own battles he tells the crowd that it is ok to be dealing with heavy stuff but to always know that not only does it get better, but that there are people out there who love you and care that you are here. We need more artists to not only remind people of that, but write music the way that he has that can help heal someones pain.

Devon just an incredible job of welcoming you in to his sound


I love going to shows where I don’t always know the openers music. It gives me a chance to hear something new and fresh and with a completed blank canvas of who they are. Devon just an incredible job of welcoming you in to his sound, and to meet him after the show, and that is refreshing to see. As he told us that week he actually just signed a record deal, you just knew you were witnessing the start of something great.  Devon is sure to be a musician to keep an eye out on as I think it’s safe to say we will be seeing big things from him very soon!

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