Live Review~ An Open Letter To Grace Potter!

Live Review~ An Open Letter To Grace Potter!

Dear Grace,

I am supposed to be writing a review about your show the other night, and instead I found myself penning an open letter to you. 

I wanted you to know that eight or so years ago you came to the same venue, The Florida Theater here in Jacksonville, Fl.

My friends and I got tickets to see you, and I can’t describe the excitement I had for months leading up to the show. The day came, and on that day I spent the morning crying from a terrible, and toxic relationship. I lied to my friends, and made up an excuse as to why I couldn’t go, but the truth was I was an emotional wreck, and just couldn’t face anyone. So I missed your show….I missed my favorite singers show.

The next few months your song your song, “Things I never needed” helped get me through some rough moments. Your music, your lyrics, your voice, and your strength helped me find my self worth, and value again, I realized I  was going to be ok. I sometimes sit back, and wonder if you see the impact your songs, and yourself have on so many of us? Your music saved a part of my heart from turning cold, and bitter.

Here we are all these years later, and my dream of seeing you live was coming true. The build up, and the excitement were still just as strong, but this time around the woman seeing your show was happy, and free. The moment you came out on stage you just lit that theatre up. Your presence immediately has an impact in the way others feel just being in the same room as you.  The Build up to seeing you play was everything I had imagined it to be. Whether you played the rock and roll, the heartfelt song about your grandmothers passing, or the soft, and melodic tunes that I find are the ones that soothe my soul the most, please just know you more than pleased the crowd that came to hear you.

Throughout the next two hours I got lost in a show that felt like I was actually at Woodstock. The way you move, and capture the audience was like a modern version of Stevie Nicks or Janis Joplin. But my most favorite part is when you sang the song “Repossession”. For A Tennessee girl like me, it brings me back to the sounds of Patsy Cline,  and I am in complete awe. You told stories, you talked to the crowd, and you had us laughing and feeling like you were our actual friend. To out it ever so simply my night was made. You are completely worth the wait to see!

I am sorry this might not be the review I was supposed to write, but I just needed you to know the impact your music had on my life, my healing, and my finding happiness. Thank you Grace Potter for showing the girls like me that being a creative, or free spirit, and that being a gypsy soul, or that  girl who marches to the beat of her own drum, and  that not caring what others think of you, or that being the girl who is sometimes a “Wild Child’ is something to be cherished and embraced.

  Thanks for helping me find myself again, Grace. 

By Cindy Marshall

Photos by Bryan Corder

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