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Live Review~ Smoking with Snoop on the "I Want To Thank Me"Tour!

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is one of the most iconic rappers in the music scene and he is best known for his smooth style and laid back rapping style…as well as know for smoking the best weed on the planet..So he says..hahah! well Snoop and his buddies OT Genasis, RJMrLA,Trae Tha Truth, TAYf3rd came to show just how smokin’ is new tour ‘ I Want To Thank Me‘ Tour is and to smoked out a sold out show at House Of Blues in Orlando Florida at Disney.

The fans showed up early to get in line to be able to get into the venue to get up close and personal the some of the best up and coming talent to hit the stage. Tayf3rd came out running and swinging to warm up the early entry fans with some great music. Trae Tha Truth was up next and hit the growing crowd with some sick rapping that got the crowd up and singing along with Tra on stage. With a small break, RJMrLA came out swinging that got the now packed house hopping and grooving with their hands up and swinging them back and forth. OT Genasis hit the stage like he was shot from a canon and got the crowd even more pumped for Snoop!! All four of the openers did one hell of a job doing what they do best!

I always wanted to see Snoop Dogg it was a dream come true. The crowd was so excited and happy.

bryan Corder

It was that time..time for ” what my name” …Snoop Dogg!!! Snoop hits the stage like you expected him up a blunt and taking a big ol’ drag off of it and setting it down swaying the the music the dj was spittin’ as the crowd went crazy!!! Snoops swings up his golden mic up to his smoke filled mouth and the show of a lifetime begins!!

Snoop hit up with all the OG stuff like “Gin and Juice” to “Drop it like it hot”. his presence on stage is hug for such thin guy, but somehow he fills the stage with all his coolness. they way he strut from side to side and sway to the music is iconic for Snoop. The crowd was singing to every song the Dogg was throwing at them..even a few covers his the set list like The Next Episode by the one and only Dr. DRE and I Wanna Fuck You By Akon and every one knows whos name it is with “Who Am I? (What’s My Name?) …oh….and you cant forget the fine looking lady on the poles of each side of Snoop doing their thing!

I will tell you this…Snoop Dogg is one entertainer you just have to see. Snoop put on an awesome show. He played all his greatest hits and even sang Biggie and Tupac songs! Snoop performs so effortlessly and made everyone live love him even more. I will definitely go to another one of his concerts.

We asked a few fans what they thought…

The best show ,front row, SNOOP DOGG Passed Me his blunt !!!


I had a ball!!!! Everybody that performed did a great job. Snoop performed ALL his hits and many more!!! I have been waiting to see him for years but every time something would come up. This time it was perfect and definitely worth the wait!!! I felt like I was in my 20s again


See Snoops full Gallery Here

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