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Live Review~Local hometown heroes 'Boys of Fall' hosted & headlined their Christmas show at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit.

Local hometown heroes Boys of Fall hosted & headlined their Christmas show at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit.

Boys of Fall

This past Saturday Local hometown heroes Boys of Fall hosted & headlined their Christmas show at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit. This was my 4th time seeing Them, but only my 2nd time in their home state of Michigan, either way they never fail to disappoint their crowd. Singer and frontman, Michael Martenson is always good with conversing with the fans in the crowd, but seeing him this night I could tell he was more relaxed on stage than any other show I had seen him in, which ranged from The End on Ellison Place in Nashville Tennessee to Donato’s Basement in Columbus Ohio. His gaze to the crowd was the same look you would give an old friend, familiar and welcoming. It seemed to me Martenson felt right at home in Detroit, Michigan, Probably Looking at some of the same faces that were there in the very beginning of Boys of Fall years back. 

            Their set seemed to be very short, but in reality it set was about a full hour. They’re set included notable singles like Bad Company and others off of their last release, “Better Moments”. However, as many good moments as there were in the set, Ultimately, the best moment in their set was when they walked out to Kenny Chesney’s song “The Boys of Fall” as it sang over the PA “Fans go crazy for The Boys of Fall”. I laughed to the clever humor as they walked on stage and got my camera ready. Who ever thought of that idea, deserves the recognition. 

Their next show is on December 20th, hosted by Bravo Artists in Cleveland Ohio at The Agora with notable artists like State Champs, Grayscale, Hot Mulligan, Belmont, Jetty Bones, and more. In addition to that, They are playing another show in Michigan on January 17th at The Loft in Lansing Michigan with Of Virtue and more!

I highly recommend going out and giving them a listen. 

Review and photos by Nick Lampers

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