Review~Meet N Grease Movie Sing Along With Danny And Sandy at Daily's Place Amphitheater

Meet N Grease Movie Sing Along With Danny And Sandy at Daily's Place Amphitheater!

On a Sunday evening in Jacksonville, FL this forty-two year old woman had lived out a childhood fantasy. A real life sing along of a musical she has watched well over one hundred times.  All I need to say is “Summer Lovin” and I am pretty sure every female knows the movie I am referring to. 

If “Grease” wasn’t a part of your adolescence than I will apologize now to you that your life wasn’t as full of color. But for me and millions of others it was a staple. 

Growing up you wished you’d attended Rydell High School. You wondered  if you would have been a Sandy, Danny, Rizzo, Frenchy, or maybe Kenickie. You envisioned putting on the pink ladies or T-Birds jacket, and you belted out the classic songs like it was nobody’s business. 

When I heard that John Travolta and Olivia Newton John were coming to do a “meet and grease” here I knew there was nowhere else I needed to be that Sunday night .

From the moment we pulled up I was blown away at the line waiting to get in. But as it all started to kick off  I just knew this was one magical evening for that little girl inside of me. 

The crowd came out decked in their best characters of the movie.  Very few people were in normal clothes. You had an hour of “mingling’ and fun. You walked around and talked to others dressed up, you got to pose with the original Greased Lightnin’ car. They had photo booths and props set up, and even a balloon arch like the graduation style of Rydell High. They passed out goodie bags as well with props inside.

The original T-Birds came out and talked when the show began. They explained each item inside the bag, and when we were supposed to use it. The movie began, and it was so much fun watching with so many others who cherished the musical the way I did. When each song played they posted the lyrics up on screen, and you used the item from the bag with the proper song. From Summer Nights, Beauty School Dropout, Greased Lightnin’, The Hand Jive, You’re the One that I want, and We go Together..we all came to sing our hearts out.  Also,  huge shout out the Jaguar cheerleaders for coming out each song and making it even more fun. 

When the movie was over, the crowd erupted into sheer delight when the stars themselves walked out. Seeing John Travolta and Olivia Newton John in person is every Grease lovers dream. To get to interact with them, and submit a question, and just listen to a Q and A of stories you never knew about the whole production, and cast of Grease was just the icing on the cake. 

I could not have asked for a better evening, and this is something I will never forget in my life. As a huge 50’s car lover I idolized the T-Birds, and this night as many women donned the pink ladies and Sandy outfits, I lived out my dream, and was a T-Bird for an evening. 

So what is my review of this event? Well in the words of the beloved Rizzo…this show was “Peachy keen, jelly bean”. 

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