September Mourning are giving their fans a holiday treat with the release of an animated video for "Overdose"

September Mourning are giving their fans a holiday treat with the release of an animated video for “Overdose” as they simultaneously launch their new “Volume III” EP on Dec. 13th. The collection also includes an additional new song “Madness“.  Rounding out the EP are an uncensored version of “Unholy” and “Hiding From Heaven”.  The band has just announced a new round of tour dates that start in February (see below).

September says of “Overdose”: “This is a song about falling in love with someone or something so hard that it consumes you…and that the process of being consumed is actually a beautiful thing.   In reference to another person, it mentions a certain uncertainty in the second verse, of that other person’s view on life, love and having the courage to be deep in it.  The song reminds us that our views of life and love are our own and may not necessarily be shared by everyone and that’s ok.  If you stay true to your heart and beliefs, eventually those with similar views find each other”.

She continues “The video is an extension of the same animated universe we created with “Hiding From Heaven”, based on the September Mourning Graphic Novel. It takes place after Claire has finished playing the video game in the arcade. As Claire accepts September’s defeat in the “Hiding From Heaven” video game, a mystical flash of light appears and transports her to a world within the game.  The world is Mortem, the land of the dead.  Upon her arrival, she meets a shadowy figure that sets her on a quest into the Hotel Sanctuary to find 4 travelers and 3 artifacts”.  

“Entering the Hotel Sanctuary Claire gets an uneasy feeling that there is more to the story than she has been told… Armed with the 3 artifacts and joined by her otherworldly compatriots, Claire finds the final obstacle to her return home is Fate…. We hope everyone likes the continuing saga of Claire, September and The Reapers”!

September Mourning released the “Volume 1” EP in 2015, and the full-length album “Volume 2” in 2016 – with singles “20 Below” and “Eye of the Storm” both reaching the Top 40 at Active Rock radio. The band released 2 singles in 2018: “Empire” and “Glass Animals”.  Their “Unholy” and “Hiding From Heaven” singles, released earlier this year, were featured on key Hard Rock playlists on all major streaming services.  The band has amassed more than 5 million plays of their songs @ Spotify; and more than 6.8 million overall worldwide.  Their videos have been viewed more than 6.6 million times on YouTube, with 21,500+ subscribers to their Youtube channel. The songs on the new “Volume III” EP were produced by 5-time Grammy Award winning Chris Lord-Alge; along with Josh Napert, & Nick Scott. “Unholy” was produced by Sahaj Tictotin (Motley Crue, Otherwise, Starset, RA).

The band’s striking visuals and dynamic, immersive stage show have helped propel them into a national touring act that has performed at Download (UK), Rock on the Range (Columbus, OH), Aftershock (Sacramento, CA), Comicpalooza (Houston, TX), Anime Midwest (Chicago, IL), as well as opening for Rob Zombie and other notable acts. They are already booked for the Incarceration Festival in 2020, with more to come.  

“Volume III” – Track listing
 1). Unholy (Explicit)
 2). Hiding From Heaven
 3). Madness (Explicit)
4). Overdose

S.M. Upcoming Tour Dates
Friday, Feb. 7th – Astronomicon – Sterling Heights, MI (with Twizted)

S.M. Headlining dates (with support acts Madame Mayhem and American Grim)
Saturday, Feb. 8th – Music Factory – Battle Creek, MI
Sunday, Feb. 9th – The Forge – Joliet, IL
 Tuesday, Feb. 11th – Stage West – Scranton, PA
 Wednesday, Feb. 12th – Montage Music Hall – Rochester, NY
Thursday, Feb. 13th – HMAC – Harrisburg, PA
Friday, Feb. 14th – Dingbatz – Clifton, NJ
Saturday, Feb. 15th – Fishhead Cantina – Baltimore, MD
Sunday, Feb. 16th – The Chance – Poughkeepsie, NY
Tuesday, Feb. 18th – Higher Ground – Burlington, VT
Wednesday, Feb. 19th – Gold Sounds – Brooklyn, NY
Thursday, Feb. 20th – TBA – Worcester, MA
Friday, Feb. 21st – Greasy Luck – New Bedford, MA
Saturday, Feb. 22nd – TBA – Philadelphia, PA

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