Hope you’re well!   London-based, dark indie rock group, OFFICER, announce their lead single, “Tilt the Clox” from their forthcoming album NIGHT TENNIS, due out February 28, 2020. The track, which premiered on New Noise Magazine,  refers to the October ritual of putting our clocks back that traditionally marks the close of summer. The narrative follows an amplified character running out of time, caught in denial of the consequences of their mistakes as they frantically run from pillar to post tilting clocks in a desperate but comical attempt to return to the innocence before disaster.

“Tilt the Clox” is OFFICER, aka Dc Logan, twisting and unveiling into a full flow, lyrically genius, beat brooding, soaring anthemic and melodic self. It is a politically laden song borne out of Logan’s many years experience directing frontline services to London’s most excluded and vulnerable people. 

“Tilt the Clox” spits on our spectacle of self-interested, short-termist, post-truth political class politics for entrapping individuals, communities and environments by cutting them off from real opportunities for hope, change, connection and growth. 

But in a line of work that depends on diplomacy with exactly these systems and self-serving powers for its survival, you get the sense that “Tilt the Clox” is a fierce, cathartic release and cry for justice for him; a song you could half imagine he first sang into his own fist emerging from the boardrooms of city council offices.

The song displays so well Logan’s powerful, almost Dylan-like, lyrical finesse, where even within any of the deliberate ambiguity you uncover a dark and biting challenge in bed with a powerful transcendent off-cut of actual hope. The song ends with an upwards, spiraling out of control, melodic choral soar as he wails ‘Oh December / All the horrors / Are forgotten / And enveloped’ and you’re left wondering within yourself whether it’s leading you to a place of being disgusted by our forgetfulness on the issues of our life and times or filled with an overwhelming hope that there is, upon the horizon, something Logan can feel coming beyond the existing chaotic, evasive and destructive emergency he feels himself and the world caught up in.

NIGHT TENNIS is the much-anticipated sophomore album from the critically-acclaimed project, OFFICER. The band won RCM Artist Of The Year among other blogosphere adulations following the release of his ‘immersive, widescreen, intelligent and moving,’  debut album, MYRIADS, and the ‘magical pin-drop live performances’ of his subsequent solo tours in 2016-19. So, in the nicest possible way – Get Lost! …in this gripping new offering from this gentleman of the North Coast due for release on Friday 28th February 2020. 

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